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The stairway opened into a cavern lit by phosphorous mold and ribbons of minerals glowing soft neon colors along the walls and algae in pools of underground springs. Faeries and pixies swarmed about dense root system brambles decorated with elegant nature-made facades and gossamer lace hangings. Gnomes rummaged and burrowed through the looser roots and liked to nest under trees around a good tap root. Ogres played cards on a folding table and chairs about to collapse. A few faeries hovered around one, dark pixies the other.

“That’s not right Gruber, ‘owd ya get seven Aces?”

Gruber looked mildly surprised. “Now Jefferson, we’re playing with two decks, there’s another Ace out there.”

“Yeah, but ‘owd ya get seven?”

Gruber had a way of increasing his speed of speech to sound smart. Got him this cushy job. “I could fill 2200 pages telling you, but the simple fact is; most people are too stupid to understand. It’s all about the numbers and how to arrange them using progressive math so they come up right no matter how you work it; when in reality it leads you on a never-ending loop, sucking time and resources, resulting in the right people getting fat, beginning with yours truly. Now pay up.”

Jefferson took time to ponder this answer.


Gruber caught the club on the side of his head — pink cloud — and toppled over. 

Jefferson noticed us — the girls — instant erection. Difference between ogres and trolls is length of limbs and other appendages; lady ogres are stacked and got back.  This guy grew out of his breeches, darn thing smiled at the girls and drools — so did he. “Oi, you lot, what be yeh doing ‘ere?” Began undoing his belt buckle. “Not that I minds, been awhile since we ‘ad visitors.”

We backed a bit to give room for whatever came next. Our tiny friends fled in showers of glitter, the gnome stopped fondling the girls and hobbled away. Suddenly on our own, we stood exposed and unarmed.

Delta pointed. “Alice, he’s all yours.”

With a saucy step and swish, Alice demanded his attention and got. Her student status, now in limbo, was advanced enough to deal with Jeff. At 29 she qualified master before OG passed. Always in a variation of red and white, balanced in step with, demon born like us, Alice, a force of nature, made a show of checking him out as he dropped his pants to proudly display and stroke. She walked up and bent a bit to examine, just out of reach, struck a few poses by shifting weight and bend of knee, then held up a hand and froze him in place like a statue with moving eyes. He watched her pet the crown of his python and leaned against his arm. “That was fun! What’s next?”

Cronies splashed in with their equipment. Three old men in t-shirts sweaters and slacks who fussed more than worked. They saw Jeff frozen in place, Alice, and us.

“Ah, nan-ni tsuduno? What-u happen?”

I chuckled, so OG and his. They over-acted on purpose, culture dictated you be obvious and often predictable, all a show. I bowed greeting. “Let me guess, you have exclusives here too?”

Looked obvious. “Of course.”

The other fussed, “We missed it. Something happened, he’s whacking off. What did we miss?”

Blackburns waved the frozen ogre free and grunt-chuckled as Jefferson grabbed Alice. He sniffed spied Gruber’s corpse and decided snack-time.

Need I describe guts and gore? How he tore into the carcass and ripped it apart, goo and spatter, slosh and slurp? How the intestines burst and spewed nasty septic and cesspool droppings?

“Now that’s getting Grubered.”

Cronies scrambled to work, moving in and out, sure to get Alice from her best angles, both OCD on her. When they work together, these guys are good. On the ghost monitor, her legs were often made longer, butt rounder, lips fuller, skin-scapes more dramatic and alluring. Made me lick the monitor.

Gibbs-slap. “Scar, you’re terrible!”

“Mm, get that a lot. Remind me spank you. Look, these guys are good. Some of their stuff gets posted on the — our Web. Mostly

those phantom rapes in town. He rapes they record, sometimes with OG. Alice is a superstar down here.”

“Hello, you take pics and vids of us constantly?”

I blinked once. “Do I?”

Delta mimic ed, “Need you to feel beautiful and sexy. Kiss, fingers on crotch. Do you feel beautiful and sexy? Hold on, wardrobe adjustment!”

“Thank you for laughing at my expense.”

Thump on shoulder, kiss on my cheek. “You!” Squeezed my butt hard and stroked my dragon. “Spike wanna come out and play?”

Demon born siblings tend to fuck their brains out, mouth and ass until 1st period, then constant 3-ways. Alice, violated every day since 1st blood, is a succubus whore. We alone remain virgin. Delta stood legs straight and bent at her waist, allowing me massage and grope, reached for my zipper and smile at Spike with adoring eyes. Oh yeah, we get in lots of trouble with other kids — no one ever got pregers. Pisses off my demon folks. They can rape all they want, girls remain virgin. When they possess the living, that’s when things get exciting. As stated, all we can do to remain so. Some call it a paradox, say we’re wrong and want us deflowered or deceased. Fortunately or not, none of them are strong enough. Hence my scars.

Delta knew how to tease and play me like an artist and her favorite instrument. Of all her pet dragons, Spike she knew and loved beyond all else. Against O-chan’s will, she and Alice got tongue-rings to enhance giving head. Then it was all O-chan could do to keep OG from getting her one. Grew up constant semi-erect and proud, her constantly wet. She confessed her mouth watered when she looked — and she always looked, had to feel me in her hand against her face in her mouth on and in her ass. Dressed so

I can have her any time and show off constantly.

Crony with a camera and grin.

Blackburns joined the assault on Alice. Held her face and slapped a few times, then stuffed her on his veiny monster, as the ogre hammered her ass, and his mates held fondled and rubbed against her. Crony on the spot reached in as he could and stayed out of the way, hovering above and around the action.

Delta enjoyed a good climax with Spike in her mouth and went D-mode. At this point I am completely at her mercy. Few humans can survive. If you know a demon born girl be prepared for similar feats of kinetic and aural power, and all kind of freak. Now I’m in a mask and collar bound and gagged hovering in the air dragon standing tall. Delta, suddenly naked in harness and collar, pressed her swollen camel toe to my face. “Who was to punish whom?”

Like I can answer gagged. Silly girl. Mental note: punish her. Darn though, she looks hot! And she’s playing with Spike! Don’t fall for it — ouch! Don’t — don’t you dare! She’s got him and the twins — no no no — bad girl — hm, that’s not bad. Oh yeah, nice — feels good! Wha — why you stop? Bad girl. Okay, munch time! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, ghouls ghosts goblins and fae of all kind, the Oni-twins; demon spawn deviants. Let’s hear it for them!

D-mode continued. She rode me, locked jaws and tongue-wrestled as her hips ground on my piston, and growled a good long one. Made a rack appear with me on it, and made me watch her take on ogre gnomes and a goblin. More like endure them. They manhandled and she wanted more. Delta growled hissed and groaned through a line of cocks tongues and tentacles, and covered in goo looked wanton at me. When they were exhausted she pounced on me, dissolved all props but flat bed and devoured my being.

“Only one way to deal with D-mode; multiple climaxes. Summon cup of magic mellon juice. Drink.” Held her shoulders and gently squeezed. Massaged neck and back as she drank, took empty cup and tossed to splash gone. “5-finger open-hand orbital sander with blossom tickle technique.”

Delta hummed a long note.

“Transition to 3-finger spin cycle moaning horse technique.”

Delta moaned like a horse.

“Transition, 2-finger and thumb cave-dwellers groaning donkey.”

She groaned and bucked like a donkey.

“Back to 5-finger orbital sander, good fall-back position. Can execute quick probing attacks to weaken defenses, as this, and transition to any other technique. Such as this, 3-finger cat’s paw panting bitch technique.”

Her tongue came out.

“Step and pivot to engage second hand and execute Ultimate Victory piston and quake screaming slut technique.”
Crony got it all on monitor and grinned goofy with bulge in his pants he made no effort to conceal nor not play with. Drooled lascivious lecherous lust and Delta drank it up, wanting him demon. He ablated and morphed into his true form, dark stripes and clawed wings, scales spines and horns, fishing cap on top. Took her from me and used like a hand puppet, growled like Hades, and pulsed into her. His seed seeped out and dribbled in waves of pearly nectar over perfect flesh. Delta smiled, already sated by me.
Cronies departed and Jefferson sat by the wall, mammoth dong on the floor in a puddle it fed. He gazed a daze and smiled goofy.

“Been a while. Last human was during the expansion of the 1890s. Most of us went into hiding after that. Yer kind been getting to science and law. We no longer fit their order of how things should be. But our time is coming, sooner than you think.”

“Better come quick, ‘cause something else is on the way.”

“What-cha mean?”

Delta helped Alice up. “Omi-freaking-gummybears, are you for real? Hello, End of Days — happening now?”

Jefferson smirked and dismissed with a wave. “Always been the end, even when I was young living under a bridge. Beware, the end is coming! Heard it all before. Folk down here don’ worry ‘bout human speech, all of them crazy.”

“Hard to argue.”

“Then don’t.”

Delta intervened. “We are summoned to the Council of Elders.”
Jeff double-took us. “Since when does the Council summon demon born? Never happened never will.” He played with a large tooth as his mates lined up behind in front of the dark archway, clubs and heavy weapons displayed. All other magical beings fled. “Can’t stop demon they belong, don’t like much, but there yeh be. You are human and not allowed beyond this gate — er, entry.”

“We really need a gate.” 

“Then we can be gatekeepers!”

“No, title taken — be quiet!” Jefferson turned back with a snarl. “Yeh can’t pass!”

Delta and Alice gave them the look. Woe to any that receive. Blood freeze bones dry body turns to mud. And they parted with heads bowed, hail princesses of the realm, for though away for generations beyond count, demon born are fae.

I grumbled, “And somewhere someone’s quoting ancient prophesy with something like, then the prodigal children, last of the lost tribes return, then Darkness will come.”

Alice chuckled and waved light into the long cave. Openings on the sides moved air and smells of magic food and potions, underground forests and moss gardens, fresh-water springs and fauna, with brief glimpses of open cavern environs filled with creatures and folk of dreams. Many approached the openings with curious wonder, not seen our like in ages, and ogle.

The gnome caught up and resumed groping the girls as we walked, steering them through the labyrinth of caves and walled avenues. I followed with my camera held low to get his groping hands and antics waddling between. We attracted ghosts who swirled around and through, molested the gils and dashed away. Gnome snickered and drooled on their legs, hands high as he could reach.

High Council of Elder Fae sat in the deepest chamber of the final sanctuary. In Earthly terms, one Hell of a walk. “I try to control my Tourette’s, but holy-motha-freakin-damn — got blisters on my blisters, chafe marks where none should be! How much further? How about Fae transport, a flying carpet or magic box?”

Gnome regarded me as a petulant child sniffed and marched on chin held out. Put me in my place. Said no more and levitated. Delta and Alice saw and followed my example, looking so much better in every way. This put Gnome in the air and he happily climbed atop their legs, as a twin-hull babe-fighter. Got it digitized and posted.

Final sanctuary was lush tropical forest with streams, a long sandy beach with crystal clear warm ocean fell away to deepest blue, and would around a rocky crater wall sticking up above the forest. New and colorful creatures greeted us with joy. Butterfly wings fluttered and white feathers floated air as woodland animals and magic folk flew about with charms and dust. We flew above the forest, saw ocean reach horizon and dropped over the crater ridge to a jungle and lake joined three streams from crater springs.

Here were a shrewd looking people, tall and fair of different races within one, like human from different origin. Though all trace to a single mother, each has unique characteristics — especially pocket native tribes that inhabit the globe. Mention this because it may be the true world leaders lead simple lives untouched by technology, because they are tapped into something far greater. Here sat the Council of Elders, often naked with young to entertain and serve. A couple dozen races represented, wet and horny or semi-erect or both. Bug reptile and tentacled represented, some familiar forms others not so. All mostly naked and entertained, reclined on cushions amid trays of fruit cheese bread and drink. Cherubs and elf-children fed fondled and received in kind.

Amid their semi-circle sat a flat cushion, on it a gold circlet with a yellow cat’s-eye stone. One of several sight and speech devices, this ancient relic inspired jewelry and adornment. We call it 3rd-eye, crown, the ring. I motioned Delta precede.
She walked to the cushion removed her boots and took a seat putting on the circlet. Through her I saw the world in several layers, all bridged with this device. Our limited vision interpreted overlapped moving shapes and shadows, hear voices of varied depth and focus.

“You are the charmed ones, baptized demon born.”

“We know of your plight.”

“I like the girls.”

“As’moda-el, be still!” scolded the second.

“They came when summoned. I say rape first.”

“Excellent idea! I agree — get your RAPE on!”

“So Biblical -- you guys are pathetic!” A stunning young lady materialized dressed in a sheer shift, her body visible beneath. Large almond eyes with dark liner, mica and charcoal shadow regarded us, berry stained lips smiled challenge. She removed the 3rd-eye from Delta, dropped it on the cushion and took our hands. “Come with me. These guys are hopeless!”

“What, no rape?” Alice took her place. Double Gibbs-slap. I chuckled and pulled them close. “Shutting up.”

“Er, excuse me, where — who? We just came to —” Delta hurried to keep up. “I’m confused.”

“I summoned you. Do you know me?”

Couldn’t help myself. “Ooh, hold on, I got this! You’re one of the original fallen, numbers 9 and 13. I’m thinking 9-babes, 13-dudes. Mix and match, end up with 7 and 15. We descend from the 15, you be one of the 7.”

Toothy smile. “Very good. Which one?”

I made a show of checking her out, paced around with a critical eye. “Youthful vitality, sharp mind alert and aware of your surroundings, inquisitive and confident, physically fit athletic major hotness — s-scortch me — lookin’ good babe! Call me.
Excellent muscle-tone — may I? Mm yes, very nice — so glossy smooth and cool!”

“Is he always like this?”

“You have no idea.”

“Maiden of the forest, nymph of the wood, virgin huntress animal defender, friend to children and mothers, teacher of the hunt field and music, mythic goddess of many names — am I close?”

She inclined her head. “By which will you call me?”

I waved huddle and hunkered. “Suggestions?”

“Diana is so over-done,” grumbled Delta. “How about, Hather, or, Inanna?” 

Alice considered this. “I like Artemis, but this, too, is well used.”

Couldn’t help double-take to be sure she was there. “Spirits and demons are one thing, but this is original 1st-born we’re talking — the Divine. I feel under-dressed.” Waved us into more appropriate attire. “Angel, let’s go with that.”

“As if that hasn’t been used!”

“Alright, Angie, we’ll call you Angie.”

Angie inclined her head smiling. “You are fun! The reason I wished to speak is because we have been watching — you are a puzzle to us, and this rarely happens.” She examined us, especially Alice. “What possessed you to take them to Communion and Baptismal?”

Alice bowed as humble student, face suddenly pale realizing significance. “I knew of the ceremony planned. It was wrong — had to do something — could not just let it happen! Please forgive if I have offended, this was not my intention.”

Angie touched her chin with a gentle finger. “Forgive me, I did not wish to alarm you. No, you did quite well, charm bounced off him like goo on latex. What, hello, fallen? If you know your mythology you know I can be very bad and like bad boys.”

My best Cheshire grin, straighten collar and cuffs. “Call me Scar.”

Delighted, Angie, slapped air and laughed. “Just as you appear in the Window-Mirror. Yes, I believe you will do just fine. First you must understand some cultures are doomed, at best you can reduce cleansing and save the rest. Second you need allies, this is too large for you alone. Third, and this is critical, the souls of your departed, the ones who wish it, will be freed. All of your ancestors.

“A war, the one foretold is upon you. Behold on one side, the Medes, who bring the wrath of God; upon another, storm and quake; from the sky comets drop plague and new armies; from the depths a new terror wakes; and the dead have risen.” She paused and sang, “Who ya gonna call?”

Raised my hand. “Er, what are we to do?”

“Defend your world.”

“From all you said?”

ISIS with Syrian refugees from Jordan
I have concluded adults are crazy because they survived childhood -- dealing with adults!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
One: Lawn Nessy

My earliest memory is from birth, twin sister locked gaze and heard her think, ‘Well, here we go again!’

Everyone knew they were different, came to southern Puget Sound in a whirlwind of gossip, twin boy and girl, last name Onikami. Trouble from day one. Anyone with anime knowledge or Japanese knows why; basic translation, Demon-spirit. The Glades is a sleepy wetland district of marshes bogs and mires amid dense rainforest hills, where everyone knows each other. Them kids were a lot to adjust to. That’s what you’ve heard. I do not tell this as apology nor confession, merely my account and part played in events to follow. I am Scar, and this is what happened.

Forgive the townsfolk. Except for being in the wrong place at the right time, they had little part in what occurred. That claim falls squarely on our name. It goes way back to a time before samurai. When Nippon was mostly wilderness ruled by mystics and spirits. Monks priests and priestess shaman battled monsters and demons. Some forged forever bonds with the spirit world.
Here’s where geography comes in. Emerald City is a hub away from the old country for such families. Arrived 1880 - 1930, began new lives in prospering cities along the West Coast. Maybe it’s the World Grid, UFO activity, Bigfoot, or the Giant Octo of Puget Sound; the Pacific Northwest is no stranger to the strange and unusual; we know of several names like; Demon-son-mountain, Demon-river-spirit, Born-of-Demon-Moon, and so on. Can you imagine Japanese roll call? What would the teacher do — resign? Many of OG’s cronies were of such names.

I say were because he passed away this year. Waited with Alice, teen student living with OG and O-chan when we were born. After months of being kept in the dark, got tossed out with the trash. Thanks kids. Here’s for your effort, don’t bother keeping in touch, we’ll be watching. Got the house and enough to live.

Never knew our folks, always been us and Alice, she helped raise and train with. Growing up with OG and O-chan was like living in a temple-school, everything from the first bird chirp to the last cricket carried meaning, all one need do is connect with nature listen and observe. Birds landed on our shoulders and animals approached without fear. O-chan prepared traditional rich and varied dishes, taught us to properly handle knives and do chores. Carried herself with proper dignity and grace, regal and renowned throughout the Japanese community as a bringer of balance. OG-sama, was hailed as great among business leaders. Him and his cronies fondled all ladies including Alice and Delta, and encouraged me do the same. Aunts who went by 1st-names taught me to massage, how to please, and pimped me to friends — all with O-chan watching. Alice and Delta constantly entertained. Now on our own. Well, almost.

We got the house nobody knew about. OG used to escape here to get away from the daily grind and demands at home. Brought us to relax and have fun. Cleared a blackberry brier that nearly crossed the yard, and as if he expected, found a ginormous petrified root snaked and humped in the lawn. Explored the area often enough for the townsfolk to meet and get to know. Delta has a way of getting to know people quick, or allow them know her. 

My fault perhaps, OCD about her. Folk think it amazing we’re still virgin. Been in plenty of mouths and butts gets odd looks, and it’s all we can do now to remain virgin. People are crazy! After 14-yrs of observation I have concluded: kids are impulsive and inquisitive; parents worry far too much; grown-ups are crazy because they survived childhood. So you’d think they’d prepare their children? No — they chose to forget and paint rosy settlements. And we’re demon spawn?

Alice has been here before, so most everyone has more than ogled my babes. And let me say the ladies out here grow nice! Sweet Mother of Creation, I do love them so! Like OG, I enjoy all ages — 6 to 95, saw a 99-yr old but wanted to hug not grope. Found the 95-yr old on a bus downtown, let me feel her up at the Library too. Looking for an older hottie, know she’s out there.

And as my name suggests, hobbling mouth-breather mass of scars.

Morning began the same. I woke before the alarm and stared at the family mon, crest of blossoms in a large petal with red cartouche in the corner. That rune carried meaning itself, saw relatives wear the mon without it. When I pointed this out, they quickly checked the air and frowned me silent. Couldn’t decide, Nike swoosh or Ares.

The alarm went off and Delta reflexed snooze. Liked to be coaxed, seduced into her day. Happy to oblige, I caressed and massaged her shoulders and back. She groaned a sigh as my fingers raked up neck and scalp. “Yrzbrmph!” Smiling eyes closed she allowed a quick peck but fended further advances. “Eew, no — lemme brush!” 

I groped as she slowly crawled over, certain as much of her made contact, and chuckled as she felt me swell harder. She made her way to the door never closed with her morning liquid languid flow, paused to pose and smirk over her shoulder. Drank in her legs and booty, framed in cute PJs. “Play time.”

“Go wake Alice.”

With our screwy family I didn’t know if she was my sister or aunt, so kept it real simple, no sex. Play all I want, no vaginal intercourse. That be for everyone. OG kept us virgin for reason. Alice, his fuck toy, like us grew up pleasing others. Swishing and gargling mouthwash, I walked to her door knocked and entered. She watched from under a mess of hair, shifted on the bed naked from waist ass up face down. Opened drapes still swishing mouthwash and felt her gaze. Went to her bathroom and shot into the toilet.

“Morning dear. Did we leave you tied and gagged again?” I undid the gag and kissed with plenty of tongue. “Who’s responsible for this? It’s an outrage! Poor dear!” Kissed her again and lightly stroked camel toe. “Whomever is responsible will be punished severely, oh yes my precious-s-s, very severely!” Huge eyes looked up. I kissed again, fingers drew ovals pushing outer lips around and opening her petals wet with nectar. I stopped. “Need to go?”


It was how she said it. I laid the towel, pulled and settled behind, her hands on me, mine on breast and mound, swelled and seeping my fingers. Her breath became long and labored, counter rhythm to mine. My pet dragon purred happy in her care. She wasted no time directing it where she wanted. I continued finger over and around her treasure and drove in.

“Now I think on it, you were so hot we forgot — it’s your fault this happened.”

Alice giggle-whimpered. “How’d I know?”

My fingers became rigid and side-shifted across her swollen mound, petals wet blossom slid each finger. Nectar pulsed small waves in time with nature, coating my fingers, as the dragon reared and stood. “Oh, how you will be punished. Mmph, how many times?”

Alice groaned. “Many times you want!”

Reached under her shoulders and held on, my hip began to piston. She held still to receive. Faster it went. “You shall be forced to climax 10-times — wait for it — in front of strangers.” OG’s demon appeared with a splash of dark and basically took her from me, ravaged her right there completely oblivious to me. “Oi, OG, what are you — why did you come?”
“Not yet — Ngnymph! Okay now. All yours.” He motioned me continue as if he’d just done a great kindness and vanished in a dark splash.

Alice panted recovering. “Been visiting more often.”

She gasped when I resumed. 

OG began haunting us shortly after he died. For a few months we moved around among relatives who ignored us, having no real home and O-chan deep in family meetings. And no matter where we went there he was, just appeared in a splash and raped the girls. Didn’t stay to chat, just grinned and splashed into wherever. A lot like when alive, just casually approach grope and rape. He could OCD and everyone pretended not notice or treated as normal. And I always enjoyed watching. Addicted to porn scenarios and handy with a camera, joined without hesitation. When with OG cronies and family, expect masks and finger bowls of oil.

At breakfast, Delta served, because on her best day Alice can’t cook. Growing up temple-school we eat healthy, plenty of raw veggies and fruit. OG liked yogurt with fruit and cereal and poached egg on rice with miso. We ate world-culture healthy, a bit from each continent. O-chan liked pizza and take-out on occasion. Not like we were cut off. In fact far from. OG loved show us off. Ate at many fine restaurants, and fondled in the lounge. That’s how I developed a taste for mature ladies. This morning was my favorite, pancakes and cheese omelets.

I snuggled and kissed from behind as she turned an omelet. “Mm, you spoil me.”

Delta accepted my hands up her legs to rest on hips as she cooked. “This is the last. Could you zap the cakes for 20-seconds?”

“20-seconds, right. Don’t over-nuke.”

“Not good, dehydrates the food. In you the food draws water — from you. Now you’re dehydrated. That’s why I keep telling you—”

“Yep, drink plenty of water. Look, doing now.”

She knew when I mocked. NCIS Gibbs-slap to the head before I swallowed. Water in my nose. “See? Shouldn’t tease your sister.”
I saw her smile before vision flooded and I collapsed onto the counter choking and blowing in the sink, made harder accompanied with laughter. Waited until I pushed the button for 20-seconds of payback.

The news showed riots in the inner city and downtown, traffic at a standstill throughout the region, each of the major districts under siege. Police response could only try to contain but that was breaking down as they became targets of hostility. Emerald City was a war zone, complete societal breakdown.

OG appeared again and raped Alice. He watched and shook his head. “When rioting is Social Justice something is wrong. This is how we win. So many fools!” He paused to extend an incredibly long forked tongue and lick Alice breast to face and into mouth, then pulled it back and drooled. “You should arrest them all and clean out your prisons — send them overseas give ‘em a rifle and kill as enemy combatants. Need not even be loaded. But you will not do that will you?”

“Rather extreme.”

“So are they. See? Even you. This is why I am here and not in you. Tried to prepare you as my receptacle on your 100-day. Something went wrong.” Suddenly enraged, he gripped Alice by her hair pull out yanked her face onto him and hate-fucked her open mouth. “This one had you baptized beforehand!”

Tortured red face dripping long webs, unable to escape, Alice endured him in utter surrender.

“I remember.” Watching him on Alice and eating always fun.

Delta came and pet her head, chewing and swallowed. “We went to a church. I remember stain-glass windows music and a choir, people crowded and smelly, incense haze, Communion and Baptismal, water went up your nose. 

“Next day the ceremony. Me dressed in white with red bows, sat on Alice’s lap. Everyone dressed formal gathered lining the room, curtains drawn for candles and incense, screen corner with a small shrine. O-chan in ceremonial hat robes apron and sash chanted and bowed eyes closed hands danced about her face in time with her chant and bow. OG-sama in his formal garb danced and cavorted playing a pipe. And you dressed in robes and hat too big, on a highchair behind a table with bowls of powders, oil lamp, basin of water, decorated yet mean-looking dagger, and mason jar of what looked pickled unborn kittens — remember similar jars at other homes? Then the shadows came and played with me while OG entertained you.”

Alice got pulled away and flipped around. Red fingers groped her pussy as he entered her ass, then switched back and forth between them. Alice waved shoulders neck and head. She looked up when my dragon appeared at her mouth and rubbed her cheek, let it smear her face and licked my pee-hole before engulfing. Took me all the way down and licked the twins. Never advancing beyond student, remained a toy conditioned to submit, Alice, stuck in servitude. Our status out-ranked from birth.

Delta frowned at OG. “If you please.” Shoved him aside. “You take too much liberty on us. Try to behave.” 

OG reared up and morphed into a winged demonic creature full of fire and fury.


Delta pointed and he was gone.

Alice came off me and began turn to offer ass, when OG reappeared and slammed into her. “Stop doing that!”


Splash. “I said stop—”

Delta smirked. “I can do this all day.”

Alice released me with a lot of slobber and stroked. “Does not matter. He will return. Rapes me all day while you attend school, and every morning at Dead Hour. Sometimes with friends.”

I kissed. “That’s why you so hot — always look like you just had sex and ready for more.” Stroked her dripping camel toe. “Never far from correct.”

Alice kissed back, stepped aside to allow me continue and resumed give me head, lips and tongue worked helmet and smile, while I worked her to a froth. She love climax with my dragon in her mouth. Had her groan around me in no time, hips ground on my fingers.

Delta slapped her ass. “Oh, Alice, you’re such a slut! Whatever shall we do? That inspector from the Board is coming today. Tests and evaluation. Due dress appropriate.”

Poor guy swallowed his eyes when Alice answered the door in tiny red skirt white top and a whole lotta skin. His glasses fogged and he sputtered stuttered and stumbled his way in and all the way to the couch with her assistance. Accidentally copped a couple of feels in the process and became quite pleasant. “Well, no harm done. My fault for not noticing. Shall we begin?”

As he handed out answer sheets and booklets, he explained how it worked and droned on when he discovered Alice accepting casual caress and squeezes. When she set the timer for him and we finally began, he happily felt her up and let her fondle. By the 3rd test he was balls deep in her ass. Delta and I traded smiles and continued our tests. We had to pass. None of the schools wanted us back and encouraged Alice apply to the Board many were on. We tested to a grunt and groan soundtrack.

Dude lunched in his boxers, watched me in action with the girls, then enjoyed Alice through the afternoon tests. Say this for him, dude knew how to keep it up. Took her in every way. Had to set the timer ourselves and say, “Begin.”

Didn’t bother fixing his mis-buttoned shirt when he stumbled out the door with a goofy smile, briefcase in hand.

We high-five d. “College level!”

OG appeared and latched onto both girls. “Congrats my dears! And good to have you bathed clothed and already wet!”

They allowed him lick and grope.

I closed the door and watched them stumble into the sunken living room and arrange themselves on the couch. Some of his cronies splashed in with cameras and and boom-mic. “Hell TV had exclusive rites to home invasions and poltergeist activity, all explained in the contract, in this case Deed of Ownership,” blah blah blah. 

“Heard it all before guys. Hell is full of attorneys. Come on in.”

They set up around the couch and argued lighting, morphed into demons and began fighting. If it wasn’t lighting it was stage angle or anything to disagree on. They tumbled around the room, wings knocking things over furniture destroyed curtains slashed, but OG just pounded away completely oblivious. The house could collapse around him.

I waved things fixed as they broke and planted the cronies to the wall. “You guys behave!”

“Ah, c’mon, Scar, we just having fun!”

“Hai, having fun!”

The other grunted and pawed air. Didn’t like him alive. Grey with black mane horns and massive rod, mean and nasty. His yellow eyes glared absolute hate. How he and OG became friends beyond me.

I released them and shook my head. “Do you get reward for this, does it pay?”

“We get left-overs, always good.”

OG and the other two were fun and kinky. Blackburns was something else. Rough does not describe his abuse. Brutal nightmare of pleasure overlaid waves of pain, then pain and waves of pleasure, constant unrelenting merciless. Alice feared and loved him. Delta enjoyed turning tables. He gravitated to Alice. They reset and began recording, making sure to get in for close ups of all the slobber and nectar, often assisting them climax, careful not to get in OG’s way. Even Blackburns.

I flopped into my chair and reached for the side pocket bong and grass, motioned the guys and caught the baggie of Persephone Sweet, grown under the Pom tree in Hades, guaranteed to rock any world. Demon born has its advantages. Watched them rape as I selected buds ground and loaded a bowl. It crackled and snapped burned a rich blue and green glow, and filled my lungs with a weather pattern that grew and churned tsunami after tsunami. Vision telescoped in on camel toe and booty, lips swollen and full coated drool, gushing climaxes. “Yo, good Nyborg, man.”

OG sniffed. “Does not work on you as this one. She has not the same family line, weaker though diabolic. That is her grandfather, old Blackburns. Mean as they come but weak of character, cannot be trusted and all know it. Nice to have around at need, just handle with care. Cannot hear nor see as we do, soul-seer he is. You cast a light he hates beyond mine.”

Delta pinned Blackburn with a look. He squinted and covered his eyes. “You cannot haunt her unchecked.”

“He knows.”

She accepted this with demon cock.

I nodded and blew a plume of red and grey, semi-erect and smiled at the orgy. “Pretty normal day so far. When does the weird stuff begin?”

Phantom rapes are one reason we are on the map. Another materialized on the landing between entry living room and staircase, 3 naked waist down spider-dudes with huge plated schlongs. LCDR Rram, paused to salute, then he and his men joined party on the girls. His sister CDR Rree, materialized and morphed human — other than 6-eyes. She came alone, having one purpose.

I like spider ass.

Rree has multiple mouths, making her quite a unique experience.

OG and his cronies violated the girls several times each before clearing out and left them to Rram and his bros. Rree and I reclined in the big chair. She preferred sit quiet and watch clouds drift over and around Mt Rainier through the window. We said nothing as her bros partied. 

When they finished Rram said, “Refresh.” All clean and dressed the girls arranged themselves on the couch as Rram bowed greeting. “We have received high electro-magnetic and temporal wave readings from this and many other locations. We think it happens now. Your world passed through several comet tails. New plagues are upon you. Neurotoxins effect behavior. Earth is being targeted with planet-bombs. More are on their way, among them one you know — larger than the sun, a blue star in the night, growing in the sky until there is no dark, silver-blue glaring face of terror, the Destroyer who wiped out the kingdoms before the 1st Dynasties, called Wormwood in scripture. You are being set up to fail as doom approaches. We are here to warn, stop the demon invasion before too late!”

I stared. “Er, you — what?”

“Wrath of God, the Great Cleansing, End of Days?” Rram sighed. “There is still time. Your world can yet be spared.”

Alice turned on the news. “Riots, this time for someone wrongfully accused.”

“She is most human. Does she decide for all?”

“No, wait.” Delta went to open a window leaned out whistled a saucy tune then stepped back. “Ah, here they come.” 

A cluster of small lights flew in with showers of faerie dust, colored lights followed with pixie dust. They all hovered around her head, speaking in voices only she heard. “Wait wait, one at a time. Fae everywhere are worried, few survive such cleansing. They wish to speak with us.”

“Us? What? I can ask deep probing questions too.”

Delta ignored me. “They need our help.”

“Fae need us? This is new. Ach, okay okay — call them off!”

Alice chuckled and held out an arm for them to rest on. “Your fault, always tease.”

I shrugged. “Why they want help? Always survivors who mutate and prosper. What does it matter another cleanse?”

Alice and Delta regarded me with that look. 

“I said soothing wrong?”

Alice, “Not everyone welcomes death.”

I scratched my nose.

Delta, “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Are you gonna help?”

“Still foggy on why. No, hear me out. Let us review. 7 times for Fae, cleansed 7 times before humanity and 4 times since. We all still here. Now hold on, still talking! We been birthed how many times? How many times with Here we go again!?”

“Thought you enjoyed it her with us.”

“I do, its just being demon born I remember life on the other side, all comfort and serene — and our number gets called again. Hello, nothing changes, same cycle over and over. We go today tomorrow or the day after — doesn’t matter.”

Delta indicated me to Alice and others. “Always the Everything is grey — such a dweeb!” Another Gibbs-slap. “Be a good boy and do as I say!”

“Ow, ow, my ear — see what I get?”

She pulled me through the house and out the back door to the 1st hump of Lawn Nessy. Everyone followed and gathered round, faeries and pixies with the girls. Rram and Rree stood uneasy, glanced about and listened for traffic. When they saw our intentions they politely declined. 

Rree kissed me. “We cannot enter that realm. Our ship is in Moon orbit and will await your return.”

Alice and Delta performed a chant and dance accompanied by their dust dropping friends, and a vortex portal opened in the arch, swirled many colors and became a dark hole. An ugly gnome hobbled out looking grumpy and put off, as if we disturbed his nap, leered up at the girls and fondled their legs as he guided us in. We had to duck but steps fell away and the chamber opened quickly.

The stairway opened into a cavern lit by phosphorous mold and ribbons of minerals glowing soft neon colors along the walls and algae in pools of underground springs. Faeries and pixies swarmed about dense root system brambles decorated with elegant nature-made facades and gossamer lace hangings. Gnomes rummaged and burrowed through the looser roots and liked to nest under trees around a good tap root. Ogres played cards on a folding table and chairs about to collapse. A few faeries hovered around one, dark pixies the other.

“That’s not right Gruber, ‘owd ya get seven Aces?”

Gruber looked mildly surprised. “Now Jefferson, we’re playing with two decks, there’s another Ace out there.”

“Yeah, but ‘owd ya get seven?”

Gruber had a way of increasing speech to sound smart. Which got him this cushy job. “I could fill 2200 pages telling you, but the simple fact is; most people are too stupid to understand. It’s all about the numbers and how to arrange them using progressive math so they come up right no matter how you work it; when in reality it leads you on a never-ending loop, sucking time and resources, resulting in the right people getting fat, beginning with yours truly. Now pay up.”

Jefferson took time to ponder this answer.


Gruber caught the club on the side of his head — pink cloud — and toppled over. 

Jefferson noticed us. 
I have concluded adults are crazy because they survived childhood -- dealing with adults!


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