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I have concluded adults are crazy because they survived childhood -- dealing with adults!
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One: Lawn Nessy

My earliest memory is from birth, twin sister locked gaze and heard her think, ‘Well, here we go again!’

Everyone knew they were different, came to southern Puget Sound in a whirlwind of gossip, twin boy and girl, last name Onikami. Trouble from day one. Anyone with anime knowledge or Japanese knows why; basic translation, Demon-spirit. The Glades is a sleepy wetland district of marshes bogs and mires amid dense rainforest hills, where everyone knows each other. Them kids were a lot to adjust to. That’s what you’ve heard. I do not tell this as apology nor confession, merely my account and part played in events to follow. I am Scar, and this is what happened.

Forgive the townsfolk. Except for being in the wrong place at the right time, they had little part in what occurred. That claim falls squarely on our name. It goes way back to a time before samurai. When Nippon was mostly wilderness ruled by mystics and spirits. Monks priests and priestess shaman battled monsters and demons. Some forged forever bonds with the spirit world.
Here’s where geography comes in. Emerald City is a hub away from the old country for such families. Arrived 1880 - 1930, began new lives in prospering cities along the West Coast. Maybe it’s the World Grid, UFO activity, Bigfoot, or the Giant Octo of Puget Sound; the Pacific Northwest is no stranger to the strange and unusual; we know of several names like; Demon-son-mountain, Demon-river-spirit, Born-of-Demon-Moon, and so on. Can you imagine Japanese roll call? What would the teacher do — resign? Many of OG’s cronies were of such names.

I say were because he passed away this year. Waited with Alice, teen student living with OG and O-chan when we were born. After months of being kept in the dark, got tossed out with the trash. Thanks kids. Here’s for your effort, don’t bother keeping in touch, we’ll be watching. Got the house and enough to live.

Never knew our folks, always been us and Alice, she helped raise and train with. Growing up with OG and O-chan was like living in a temple-school, everything from the first bird chirp to the last cricket carried meaning, all one need do is connect with nature listen and observe. Birds landed on our shoulders and animals approached without fear. O-chan prepared traditional rich and varied dishes, taught us to properly handle knives and do chores. Carried herself with proper dignity and grace, regal and renowned throughout the Japanese community as a bringer of balance. OG-sama, was hailed as great among business leaders. Him and his cronies fondled all ladies including Alice and Delta, and encouraged me do the same. Aunts who went by 1st-names taught me to massage, how to please, and pimped me to friends — all with O-chan watching. Alice and Delta constantly entertained. Now on our own. Well, almost.

We got the house nobody knew about. OG used to escape here to get away from the daily grind and demands at home. Brought us to relax and have fun. Cleared a blackberry brier that nearly crossed the yard, and as if he expected, found a ginormous petrified root snaked and humped in the lawn. Explored the area often enough for the townsfolk to meet and get to know. Delta has a way of getting to know people quick, or allow them know her. 

My fault perhaps, OCD about her. Folk think it amazing we’re still virgin. Been in plenty of mouths and butts gets odd looks, and it’s all we can do now to remain virgin. People are crazy! After 14-yrs of observation I have concluded: kids are impulsive and inquisitive; parents worry far too much; grown-ups are crazy because they survived childhood. So you’d think they’d prepare their children? No — they chose to forget and paint rosy settlements. And we’re demon spawn?

Alice has been here before, so most everyone has more than ogled my babes. And let me say the ladies out here grow nice! Sweet Mother of Creation, I do love them so! Like OG, I enjoy all ages — 6 to 95, saw a 99-yr old but wanted to hug not grope. Found the 95-yr old on a bus downtown, let me feel her up at the Library too. Looking for an older hottie, know she’s out there.

And as my name suggests, hobbling mouth-breather mass of scars.

Morning began the same. I woke before the alarm and stared at the family mon, crest of blossoms in a large petal with red cartouche in the corner. That rune carried meaning itself, saw relatives wear the mon without it. When I pointed this out, they quickly checked the air and frowned me silent. Couldn’t decide, Nike swoosh or Ares.

The alarm went off and Delta reflexed snooze. Liked to be coaxed, seduced into her day. Happy to oblige, I caressed and massaged her shoulders and back. She groaned a sigh as my fingers raked up neck and scalp. “Yrzbrmph!” Smiling eyes closed she allowed a quick peck but fended further advances. “Eew, no — lemme brush!” 

I groped as she slowly crawled over, certain as much of her made contact, and chuckled as she felt me swell harder. She made her way to the door never closed with her morning liquid languid flow, paused to pose and smirk over her shoulder. Drank in her legs and booty, framed in cute PJs. “Play time.”

“Go wake Alice.”

With our screwy family I didn’t know if she was my sister or aunt, so kept it real simple, no sex. Play all I want, no vaginal intercourse. That be for everyone. OG kept us virgin for reason. Alice, his fuck toy, like us grew up pleasing others. Swishing and gargling mouthwash, I walked to her door knocked and entered. She watched from under a mess of hair, shifted on the bed naked from waist ass up face down. Opened drapes still swishing mouthwash and felt her gaze. Went to her bathroom and shot into the toilet.

“Morning dear. Did we leave you tied and gagged again?” I undid the gag and kissed with plenty of tongue. “Who’s responsible for this? It’s an outrage! Poor dear!” Kissed her again and lightly stroked camel toe. “Whomever is responsible will be punished severely, oh yes my precious-s-s, very severely!” Huge eyes looked up. I kissed again, fingers drew ovals pushing outer lips around and opening her petals wet with nectar. I stopped. “Need to go?”


It was how she said it. I laid the towel, pulled and settled behind, her hands on me, mine on breast and mound, swelled and seeping my fingers. Her breath became long and labored, counter rhythm to mine. My pet dragon purred happy in her care. She wasted no time directing it where she wanted. I continued finger over and around her treasure and drove in.

“Now I think on it, you were so hot we forgot — it’s your fault this happened.”

Alice giggle-whimpered. “How’d I know?”

My fingers became rigid and side-shifted across her swollen mound, petals wet blossom slid each finger. Nectar pulsed small waves in time with nature, coating my fingers, as the dragon reared and stood. “Oh, how you will be punished. Mmph, how many times?”

Alice groaned. “Many times you want!”

Reached under her shoulders and held on, my hip began to piston. She held still to receive. Faster it went. “You shall be forced to climax 10-times — wait for it — in front of strangers.” OG’s demon appeared with a splash of dark and basically took her from me, ravaged her right there completely oblivious to me. “Oi, OG, what are you — why did you come?”
“Not yet — Ngnymph! Okay now. All yours.” He motioned me continue as if he’d just done a great kindness and vanished in a dark splash.

Alice panted recovering. “Been visiting more often.”

She gasped when I resumed. 

OG began haunting us shortly after he died. For a few months we moved around among relatives who ignored us, having no real home and O-chan deep in family meetings. And no matter where we went there he was, just appeared in a splash and raped the girls. Didn’t stay to chat, just grinned and splashed into wherever. A lot like when alive, just casually approach grope and rape. He could OCD and everyone pretended not notice or treated as normal. And I always enjoyed watching. Addicted to porn scenarios and handy with a camera, joined without hesitation. When with OG cronies and family, expect masks and finger bowls of oil.

At breakfast, Delta served, because on her best day Alice can’t cook. Growing up temple-school we eat healthy, plenty of raw veggies and fruit. OG liked yogurt with fruit and cereal and poached egg on rice with miso. We ate world-culture healthy, a bit from each continent. O-chan liked pizza and take-out on occasion. Not like we were cut off. In fact far from. OG loved show us off. Ate at many fine restaurants, and fondled in the lounge. That’s how I developed a taste for mature ladies. This morning was my favorite, pancakes and cheese omelets.

I snuggled and kissed from behind as she turned an omelet. “Mm, you spoil me.”

Delta accepted my hands up her legs to rest on hips as she cooked. “This is the last. Could you zap the cakes for 20-seconds?”

“20-seconds, right. Don’t over-nuke.”

“Not good, dehydrates the food. In you the food draws water — from you. Now you’re dehydrated. That’s why I keep telling you—”

“Yep, drink plenty of water. Look, doing now.”

She knew when I mocked. NCIS Gibbs-slap to the head before I swallowed. Water in my nose. “See? Shouldn’t tease your sister.”
I saw her smile before vision flooded and I collapsed onto the counter choking and blowing in the sink, made harder accompanied with laughter. Waited until I pushed the button for 20-seconds of payback.

The news showed riots in the inner city and downtown, traffic at a standstill throughout the region, each of the major districts under siege. Police response could only try to contain but that was breaking down as they became targets of hostility. Emerald City was a war zone, complete societal breakdown.

OG appeared again and raped Alice. He watched and shook his head. “When rioting is Social Justice something is wrong. This is how we win. So many fools!” He paused to extend an incredibly long forked tongue and lick Alice breast to face and into mouth, then pulled it back and drooled. “You should arrest them all and clean out your prisons — send them overseas give ‘em a rifle and kill as enemy combatants. Need not even be loaded. But you will not do that will you?”

“Rather extreme.”

“So are they. See? Even you. This is why I am here and not in you. Tried to prepare you as my receptacle on your 100-day. Something went wrong.” Suddenly enraged, he gripped Alice by her hair pull out yanked her face onto him and hate-fucked her open mouth. “This one had you baptized beforehand!”

Tortured red face dripping long webs, unable to escape, Alice endured him in utter surrender.

“I remember.” Watching him on Alice and eating always fun.

Delta came and pet her head, chewing and swallowed. “We went to a church. I remember stain-glass windows music and a choir, people crowded and smelly, incense haze, Communion and Baptismal, water went up your nose. 

“Next day the ceremony. Me dressed in white with red bows, sat on Alice’s lap. Everyone dressed formal gathered lining the room, curtains drawn for candles and incense, screen corner with a small shrine. O-chan in ceremonial hat robes apron and sash chanted and bowed eyes closed hands danced about her face in time with her chant and bow. OG-sama in his formal garb danced and cavorted playing a pipe. And you dressed in robes and hat too big, on a highchair behind a table with bowls of powders, oil lamp, basin of water, decorated yet mean-looking dagger, and mason jar of what looked pickled unborn kittens — remember similar jars at other homes? Then the shadows came and played with me while OG entertained you.”

Alice got pulled away and flipped around. Red fingers groped her pussy as he entered her ass, then switched back and forth between them. Alice waved shoulders neck and head. She looked up when my dragon appeared at her mouth and rubbed her cheek, let it smear her face and licked my pee-hole before engulfing. Took me all the way down and licked the twins. Never advancing beyond student, remained a toy conditioned to submit, Alice, stuck in servitude. Our status out-ranked from birth.

Delta frowned at OG. “If you please.” Shoved him aside. “You take too much liberty on us. Try to behave.” 

OG reared up and morphed into a winged demonic creature full of fire and fury.


Delta pointed and he was gone.

Alice came off me and began turn to offer ass, when OG reappeared and slammed into her. “Stop doing that!”


Splash. “I said stop—”

Delta smirked. “I can do this all day.”

Alice released me with a lot of slobber and stroked. “Does not matter. He will return. Rapes me all day while you attend school, and every morning at Dead Hour. Sometimes with friends.”

I kissed. “That’s why you so hot — always look like you just had sex and ready for more.” Stroked her dripping camel toe. “Never far from correct.”

Alice kissed back, stepped aside to allow me continue and resumed give me head, lips and tongue worked helmet and smile, while I worked her to a froth. She love climax with my dragon in her mouth. Had her groan around me in no time, hips ground on my fingers.

Delta slapped her ass. “Oh, Alice, you’re such a slut! Whatever shall we do? That inspector from the Board is coming today. Tests and evaluation. Due dress appropriate.”

Poor guy swallowed his eyes when Alice answered the door in tiny red skirt white top and a whole lotta skin. His glasses fogged and he sputtered stuttered and stumbled his way in and all the way to the couch with her assistance. Accidentally copped a couple of feels in the process and became quite pleasant. “Well, no harm done. My fault for not noticing. Shall we begin?”

As he handed out answer sheets and booklets, he explained how it worked and droned on when he discovered Alice accepting casual caress and squeezes. When she set the timer for him and we finally began, he happily felt her up and let her fondle. By the 3rd test he was balls deep in her ass. Delta and I traded smiles and continued our tests. We had to pass. None of the schools wanted us back and encouraged Alice apply to the Board many were on. We tested to a grunt and groan soundtrack.

Dude lunched in his boxers, watched me in action with the girls, then enjoyed Alice through the afternoon tests. Say this for him, dude knew how to keep it up. Took her in every way. Had to set the timer ourselves and say, “Begin.”

Didn’t bother fixing his mis-buttoned shirt when he stumbled out the door with a goofy smile, briefcase in hand.

We high-five d. “College level!”

OG appeared and latched onto both girls. “Congrats my dears! And good to have you bathed clothed and already wet!”

They allowed him lick and grope.

I closed the door and watched them stumble into the sunken living room and arrange themselves on the couch. Some of his cronies splashed in with cameras and and boom-mic. “Hell TV had exclusive rites to home invasions and poltergeist activity, all explained in the contract, in this case Deed of Ownership,” blah blah blah. 

“Heard it all before guys. Hell is full of attorneys. Come on in.”

They set up around the couch and argued lighting, morphed into demons and began fighting. If it wasn’t lighting it was stage angle or anything to disagree on. They tumbled around the room, wings knocking things over furniture destroyed curtains slashed, but OG just pounded away completely oblivious. The house could collapse around him.

I waved things fixed as they broke and planted the cronies to the wall. “You guys behave!”

“Ah, c’mon, Scar, we just having fun!”

“Hai, having fun!”

The other grunted and pawed air. Didn’t like him alive. Grey with black mane horns and massive rod, mean and nasty. His yellow eyes glared absolute hate. How he and OG became friends beyond me.

I released them and shook my head. “Do you get reward for this, does it pay?”

“We get left-overs, always good.”

OG and the other two were fun and kinky. Blackburns was something else. Rough does not describe his abuse. Brutal nightmare of pleasure overlaid waves of pain, then pain and waves of pleasure, constant unrelenting merciless. Alice feared and loved him. Delta enjoyed turning tables. He gravitated to Alice. They reset and began recording, making sure to get in for close ups of all the slobber and nectar, often assisting them climax, careful not to get in OG’s way. Even Blackburns.

I flopped into my chair and reached for the side pocket bong and grass, motioned the guys and caught the baggie of Persephone Sweet, grown under the Pom tree in Hades, guaranteed to rock any world. Demon born has its advantages. Watched them rape as I selected buds ground and loaded a bowl. It crackled and snapped burned a rich blue and green glow, and filled my lungs with a weather pattern that grew and churned tsunami after tsunami. Vision telescoped in on camel toe and booty, lips swollen and full coated drool, gushing climaxes. “Yo, good Nyborg, man.”

OG sniffed. “Does not work on you as this one. She has not the same family line, weaker though diabolic. That is her grandfather, old Blackburns. Mean as they come but weak of character, cannot be trusted and all know it. Nice to have around at need, just handle with care. Cannot hear nor see as we do, soul-seer he is. You cast a light he hates beyond mine.”

Delta pinned Blackburn with a look. He squinted and covered his eyes. “You cannot haunt her unchecked.”

“He knows.”

She accepted this with demon cock.

I nodded and blew a plume of red and grey, semi-erect and smiled at the orgy. “Pretty normal day so far. When does the weird stuff begin?”

Phantom rapes are one reason we are on the map. Another materialized on the landing between entry living room and staircase, 3 naked waist down spider-dudes with huge plated schlongs. LCDR Rram, paused to salute, then he and his men joined party on the girls. His sister CDR Rree, materialized and morphed human — other than 6-eyes. She came alone, having one purpose.

I like spider ass.

Rree has multiple mouths, making her quite a unique experience.

OG and his cronies violated the girls several times each before clearing out and left them to Rram and his bros. Rree and I reclined in the big chair. She preferred sit quiet and watch clouds drift over and around Mt Rainier through the window. We said nothing as her bros partied. 

When they finished Rram said, “Refresh.” All clean and dressed the girls arranged themselves on the couch as Rram bowed greeting. “We have received high electro-magnetic and temporal wave readings from this and many other locations. We think it happens now. Your world passed through several comet tails. New plagues are upon you. Neurotoxins effect behavior. Earth is being targeted with planet-bombs. More are on their way, among them one you know — larger than the sun, a blue star in the night, growing in the sky until there is no dark, silver-blue glaring face of terror, the Destroyer who wiped out the kingdoms before the 1st Dynasties, called Wormwood in scripture. You are being set up to fail as doom approaches. We are here to warn, stop the demon invasion before too late!”

I stared. “Er, you — what?”

“Wrath of God, the Great Cleansing, End of Days?” Rram sighed. “There is still time. Your world can yet be spared.”

Alice turned on the news. “Riots, this time for someone wrongfully accused.”

“She is most human. Does she decide for all?”

“No, wait.” Delta went to open a window leaned out whistled a saucy tune then stepped back. “Ah, here they come.” 

A cluster of small lights flew in with showers of faerie dust, colored lights followed with pixie dust. They all hovered around her head, speaking in voices only she heard. “Wait wait, one at a time. Fae everywhere are worried, few survive such cleansing. They wish to speak with us.”

“Us? What? I can ask deep probing questions too.”

Delta ignored me. “They need our help.”

“Fae need us? This is new. Ach, okay okay — call them off!”

Alice chuckled and held out an arm for them to rest on. “Your fault, always tease.”

I shrugged. “Why they want help? Always survivors who mutate and prosper. What does it matter another cleanse?”

Alice and Delta regarded me with that look. 

“I said soothing wrong?”

Alice, “Not everyone welcomes death.”

I scratched my nose.

Delta, “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Are you gonna help?”

“Still foggy on why. No, hear me out. Let us review. 7 times for Fae, cleansed 7 times before humanity and 4 times since. We all still here. Now hold on, still talking! We been birthed how many times? How many times with Here we go again!?”

“Thought you enjoyed it her with us.”

“I do, its just being demon born I remember life on the other side, all comfort and serene — and our number gets called again. Hello, nothing changes, same cycle over and over. We go today tomorrow or the day after — doesn’t matter.”

Delta indicated me to Alice and others. “Always the Everything is grey — such a dweeb!” Another Gibbs-slap. “Be a good boy and do as I say!”

“Ow, ow, my ear — see what I get?”

She pulled me through the house and out the back door to the 1st hump of Lawn Nessy. Everyone followed and gathered round, faeries and pixies with the girls. Rram and Rree stood uneasy, glanced about and listened for traffic. When they saw our intentions they politely declined. 

Rree kissed me. “We cannot enter that realm. Our ship is in Moon orbit and will await your return.”

Alice and Delta performed a chant and dance accompanied by their dust dropping friends, and a vortex portal opened in the arch, swirled many colors and became a dark hole. An ugly gnome hobbled out looking grumpy and put off, as if we disturbed his nap, leered up at the girls and fondled their legs as he guided us in. We had to duck but steps fell away and the chamber opened quickly.

The stairway opened into a cavern lit by phosphorous mold and ribbons of minerals glowing soft neon colors along the walls and algae in pools of underground springs. Faeries and pixies swarmed about dense root system brambles decorated with elegant nature-made facades and gossamer lace hangings. Gnomes rummaged and burrowed through the looser roots and liked to nest under trees around a good tap root. Ogres played cards on a folding table and chairs about to collapse. A few faeries hovered around one, dark pixies the other.

“That’s not right Gruber, ‘owd ya get seven Aces?”

Gruber looked mildly surprised. “Now Jefferson, we’re playing with two decks, there’s another Ace out there.”

“Yeah, but ‘owd ya get seven?”

Gruber had a way of increasing speech to sound smart. Which got him this cushy job. “I could fill 2200 pages telling you, but the simple fact is; most people are too stupid to understand. It’s all about the numbers and how to arrange them using progressive math so they come up right no matter how you work it; when in reality it leads you on a never-ending loop, sucking time and resources, resulting in the right people getting fat, beginning with yours truly. Now pay up.”

Jefferson took time to ponder this answer.


Gruber caught the club on the side of his head — pink cloud — and toppled over. 

Jefferson noticed us. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Carson and I stood in the trench covered in holo-gore. I spat some with chunks and strings, he wiped a glob from his face. Cat and Su stood victorious on either side smiling down, rifles pointed up. Cat blew a big pink bubble and chomped happily. 

“Getting our clocks cleaned by girls when outnumbered is one thing, but two on two is unsettling.” Carson put a finger to his nose and blew out a red chunk and pink cloud. “Refresh. Next time forget the screwdriver?”

“Roger that.”

“Move it maggots! Go spar close-quarters. I wanna see balance out there, always know where your center is.”

We walked to the matted area and morphed our clothing and weapons. Everyone had their thing, a signature look and weapon. Not just us but everyone, with variations on princess warrior, huntress, and mage, guys mostly mercs or vampires. Semi and Tazma dueled wands, while Verity and Eena took on all comers with energy nunchucks and sticks. Others sparred with blades and weapons guaranteed to produce gore, bloodbaths everywhere and kids laughing. Holo-cams hovered about to record it all, some showed on holo-screens above and around us.

Just then I realized what had been bothering me since our arrival. “Hardly any metal, everything is stone crystal or living, energy moves through fiberoptic cables; it almost feels the Moon is alive, same as Earth. History. Ancient civilizations, what they left behind, the ruins it’s all in the ruins. Warnings. They built canals in southern Egypt and had to abandon; canals in ancient South America, almost identical and it got abandoned too; the Middle East, all those mighty empires; India, China, Rome, all gone and fell to ruins. Why? What remains? Evidence they tried to control nature and succeeded for a while because they worked with her and she was happy to give. But like the Giving Tree, she gave until she could give no more, and saw what greedy monsters they were. She blighted crops once blessed and let them destroy from within. Nature defeated them, but never recovered. Rome deforested much of Europe. And look what’s happening now from our own state, timber a global commodity.”

Cat chewed her cheek and shifted the gum around. “You’re talking Time-Head. Must be the box. We do it too, catch ourselves.”

Carson regarded us. “Box? Oh right, Candlewick. You guys are Whovians.”

“Let’s go maggots! I wanna see some sweat!”

A gust of wind blew up from nowhere, swirled and flowed between us then dissolved in the constant breeze. It swept a chill through me, not scary but light and refreshing, like mountain air.

“Holy phantasm, that was spooky!”

Carson made a face. “Rut-row, Raggy?”

“A phantom-wind!” Cat bounced delighted. “Remember the cemetery as the sun went down? So peaceful and tranquil, then creepy with shadows and whispers? That was fun!”

Su gripped my arm, hand rubbing up and down her thigh. “Speak for yourself! Me no like-y. Ghosts are not my thing. Only thing kept me there was you feeling me up. Otherwise I’d a been 3-miles away still running at top speed. When you held Cat arms behind and offered her, I about crapped myself. Then something brushed between my legs and I screamed. Remember? You left me standing alone!”

“Ouch! And a year later I still get punished.”

“You left me alone!”

“3-feet away. It was an experiment in paranormal research.”

She held out her chin with a look that brooked no argument.

A gold and red glowing orb appeared where the wind dissolved and grew into a beautiful person bathed in etherial flames laughing. “Traveler give up. You never win but can overcome with passion.”

“This isn’t so bad.”

I regarded Su’s sudden acceptance of our other world visitor.

“I have many names. Call me as you will. Know this travelers, I and mine watch you through time and space. You are never alone but do not expect much, you have the box and favor of . . . Well, you have champions to cheer you on.” S/he looked at Carson. “Smoking that is poison, Tobacco was for the War-pipe.”

A beaded leather pouch and thong strap materialized in Carson’s hand. He opened it, reached in and produced light mulch. His smile grew Grinch-like.

Red turned to us. “When you go places you have always shown interest in the people and culture. You enjoy stories from the past, how people lived and what they held important. We have watched you. The Box chose you. Moroni says hi.”

We watched him fade to nothing.

“Holy I dunno what to add there. Who — what — don’t stop now! Omifreakme, this is way off the . . . Waffles, Cat, I want waffles now!”

“So red dude from Pleiades too? Oi, hold on, Pleiades are seven Titan sisters companions to Artemis, seven native princesses lifted up by Devil’s Tower, other legends of seven sisters. What if Moroni is a babe? What if Red is a babe?”

“So Maroni is one of the seven? What were their names? Holo-net, names of Pleiades sisters?” A list of names in groups scrolled a holo-screen. “Okay, hey wait, those are runes and numbers and angelic script? And other stuff?”

“Okay maggots, you met a Shiny, now get to it!”

Su shrugged. “Guess this happens all the time.”

As if she heard, Gunny answered, “You get used to it.”

I shouldn’t brag, but wrestling and play-act fighting Cat and Su back home put us in good standing on the mats. Their glow sticks and claws were like the ones we made back home, and had a bunch of routines already. The gore just made it better. What they liked was how I tend to let them win — after putting up a good show. Carson caught on when other girls wanted to spar me. Pretty soon we took on all comers and got gored sliced stunned charmed and hexed by every girl, some more than once. Not sure what other guys were doing and didn’t care, but do recall energy bolts fly in from outside our ring of ladies. Just saying.

Same in the ring, I let them win after swapping momentum. We mixed-tag-teamed Carson and Su. Cat led off. She and Su grappled in the slashed and tattered unitards while I thought of an entrance. It wasn’t long before Cat tagged me in. Su however had no intention of tagging in Carson. This was between her and me, she loved kicking the crap out of me for fun. Take from that what you will. But it was early in the match, so I let her build momentum then tagged Cat back in. She immediately went to work with a quick take-down and arm-lock. Su maneuvered out and countered with a scissor hold, only to lose it when Cat grabbed the rope. Selling her pain, Su struggled to her corner to tag Carson. Cat tagged me. 

Carson being fresh and me mostly recovered, I attacked with an elbow to the jaw, ( upper-arm soft impact ) grabbed a wrist and shoulder, swung him around and threw him to the other corner, where he turned at the last step to land against the ropes facing my second attack. This he countered with an elbow to my jaw. My feet flew up and I landed with a loud splat ( slap the mat ). He dropped a Big Leg on my chest and rolled me up for a 2-count. He picked me up by my hair and elbow, hit two good measured strikes to my forehead, then turned to drop a Stunner, but got pushed into the ropes. He stumbled back to receive a roll-up pin. Kicked out on two. I remained on my knees, looking not quite all there to give him time to kip-up and taunt. His mistake. My eyes cleared, I glared and got to my feet with new found energy. 

The fans went wild. 

Carson let me counter and throw him, grapple and build momentum off the ropes and corners. He sold punishment to his head chest back shoulders arms and legs, then dropped a Stunner ( face-lock jaw-buster ) from nowhere. I stumbled back and rolled completely over, flop onto my front. Kicked-out on a long 2-count. He collapsed beside me. We panted and played near exhaustion, crawled to our corners and reached for out-stretched hands.

Cat got Su with a Spear and Suplex, but didn’t get the pin. She traded momentum and before Su could deliver a side-kick, dropped rolled and tagged me in.

I had to still sell my pain, so I kept distance between us to let Su taunt and pose, then locked-up in the center ( hands on shoulders and arms ). I threw her to the ropes and let her counter my move to drop me on my face with a loud smack and bounced over onto my back for a 2-count. She followed up with a elbow to my jaw and hip-toss flip onto my back. But I threw her off and sat up, eyes glaring and turned to face her. Not that I am anything like the Phenom, but he is a fave. Her speed and agility soon turned the tide, she got me down and went to a corner, and taunted the set-up to Sweet Chin Music ( side-kick to jaw ). Lights out — 1, 2, 3.

“Nice work maggots — that went stellar —look at those numbers!” Gunny made us hump across camp to Lunar Dock-3 and Mercury Ridge. “There she is maggots. Time to rotate your sorry asses in. We got new cabins and access to holo-decks, not to mention anti-attack drills. We’ll be flying fighter-pods and interceptors, manning cannons and turrets. Any questions?”

She had us line up in two columns, refresh in new uniforms, and march to the security officers at the gate. Everything near dwarfed by the superstructure and tower beyond, me and the guys ogled; rows of bubble-turrets, pivoting launch-boxes, the main guns and flight operations. Our angle from the aft flight-deck and fantail revealed the immense size of Mercury Ridge, and all the exercises her crew perform.

In our fighter pod, Su sat fore in the pilot sphere, I got tail-gunner and tracking. With Cat on our wing, we were unbeatable. Veteran pilots took notice and made friends with the girls, even female pilots. Liked me too but Cat and Su were very popular. A lieutenant called us a force of nature and it stuck. Force of Nature climbed up the scoreboard.
After dinner we went for a stroll. Cat seemed reflective. “Before we go further I think we should decide on a few things. We’re the travelers, you’re the traveler. What are our roles?”

“He’s the traveler, you’re the social butterfly, able to get on in any situation with any crowd. What am I?”
Cat ignored the last. “Social butterfly, really, is that how you see me? I like that! Should I dress as one?” A colorful sexy top with fat fluttering sleeves morphed on her. “And boots, gotta have the right boots!”

“But what am I?”

I placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Bet we find out when we meet some critters. You have a thing with animals, don’t forget. Can’t wait to meet a winged kangaroo or hippopotamus, wouldn’t that be great! Hey, wanna try something? What spells are you working on? Oh, and never use the Unforgivable Curses. Your wand will shrivel and you’ll never get a new one.”

“We know, got the warning from the Hat. So Harry Potter, as if she was here — the shops and clerks everything.” She produced her wand, thin and delicate carved pillar wrapped in vines, and allowed me get behind.

“Think your happiest thought.” I held her and began caress. The tip of her wand began to glow and grew to bright blue.

“Expecto Patronum!”

A blue puppy leapt out and pranced through the air, grabbed a tree branch and playfully tugged, then scampered off with a happy bounce before fading into energy dust.

“Holy Hogwarts, this has got to be the best! Pass on the blue pill. Cat, waffles can wait. Do that again. This time I wanna . . . Wingardium Leviosa. Omifreaking-soiledpanty, we’re flying!”

I bounced off a branch. “More like levitating. Feel a bit Aunt Marge. Nope, can’t control it. Can we go back down before we enter traffic?”

“Er, right.”

We continued rise, lines of traffic getting nearer.


Cars honked, trucks bellowed.

“Er, ladies?”
Cat and Su traded a look.

Back on deck the girls sat frowning at me, arms crossed tight.

“It was the only way,” I insisted.

“You got us blasted out of the sky!”

“Details. The point I was making is you have strengths untapped. Cat, too. We all do — maybe I should get a wand. You wanna know your role? Princess Muse, can do anything she puts her mind to, always ready to help, strong and independent. Cat attacks head-on, you like to observe. Mm, did that earn a warm fuzzy?”

Something happened then. Both became more self-assured and aware, forces of nature in combat and the ring. I sat tail-gunner behind Su and flew wing for Cat as gun-team Delta-Whiskey. When I produced masks and black-stick, they happily accepted. 

“And so were born: — bitchin’ music — Cat, forest princess; and Su, daughter of Sky; traveler-angels and guardians of hope through the space-time continuum. Horns and heavy drums — cool sound effects and haunting tune — Traveler Who — ouch!”

We got a four-bunk room with Verity, who was often absent due to her Vera activities, and holo ed it to the box and a sofa. In Sexy I nibbled jerky while the ladies cut my hair. “Y’know I can just refresh with a trim?”

“This is more fun.”

“Why don’t I get to trim you?”

“With all the clothes — almost clothes you put us in? Honey, that ship sailed a long time ago.”

“Please forgive my goofy smile.”

Cat examined my sides. “The traveler has to have a look. Hawk Allen is a spikey-haired tramp from the tracks. Let’s do something else.”

Klaxons sounded and red lights flashed behind my eyes. I bit the jerky and gripped both by an arm. “B’fr me meg’n. Thank you. Before we begin, have I said thank you for being with me? We done things do things and I love every minute. Okay, make me tennis-ball green or whatever.”

Later I examined myself in the mirror. “My ploy worked, just a trim with lots of fuss. Sincere — ouch! — sincere ploy!” They allowed me wrestle into my embrace, firm loving possessive. “I know we’re not supposed to fall in love, but I can’t imagine life without you. Funny how it works. Doh, spidey senses on alert, possible warm fuzzy with dangerous overtones. Ouch! Yep, blushing girls with clenched fists. What does it mean? Processing. Say I love you and shut up. I love you.”

The lights dimmed blue and red.

“Thank you, Sexy.”

“Is that really her name?”

“There goes the mood. Why not? She farted at your suggestions. See?”

Cat exacerbated. “But Sexy?”

“That reminds me, I owe her a spanking.”

Lights flickered and the chamber rumbled.

I spanked and stroked the console. “Bad girl, bad bad girl!”

“You two wanna be alone?”

A beautiful young lady, ageless 14 to 20 appeared bent over beside me. “If you don’t mind, please.”

“Holy Weebo, is this for real?”


“I like it when you call me that. Hello, I’m Sexy.”

Cat chewed her cheek. “The box has an avatar. Didn’t see that one.”

“Large coffee brown eyes, wide smile, dark hair with highlights, smooth mocha skin, and a booty that pops, Hey, how ya doing? I’m
in lust — take me I’m yours!” I ducked the girls and when they left up the ramp to an upper level, turned to Sexy. “You — I thought?”

“This is not the show. My camouflage circuit is quite operational and I just now assumed human form. First time actually, never considered it before. My, this is quite exhilarating, I do enjoy this! Do you like this form? I chose it from your mind. Is this how you envision me?”

“Indeed.” I took her hand and led her to sit on the couch. “What is this body, can you feel and all?”

“I live. I am human in every way, even to microbial acceptance.”

“You solved the code?”

“I believe so.”

“Register it as yours. Don’t let someone else claim it.”

“Why? Many try, have done for generations.”

“Because you solved it. Bury it away so nobody finds it for a while and don’t mention it to folks messing with that stuff.”

Sexy considered it then smiled. “Done.”

“Why now?” I felt incredibly honored and needed to know.

She shrugged with musical laughter. “Why not? I have been self aware since before your galaxy burst into being, spinning new promise. I knew of you then and looked forward to our first meet. And here we are at last, well met indeed!”

I had questions but she shushed them with a finger to my lips. “Now is not time for speech. You were spanking me.”

Later I sat with Cat and Su on the couch outside the box, legs crossed leaning away from me. Silence. I cleared my throat and prepared to speak, but got shut-down by the looks they gave. Made a mental note to be sure my affairs were in order. They turned away and I sighed instead. “Feeling rather lonely. Not my fault. How could I know? She likes you.”

The back of Cat snorted. “Does she now?”

“C’mon ladies, you can’t be jealous of Sexy; she’s the box. She picked us — you. She knows she freaked you out a bit and is sorry. You know that, right? Can feel what she does?”

The back of Su sighed. “Yes.”

They turned and assumed standard positions draped over me and placed my hands where they allowed.

“It’s just that you get all the fun.”

“Excuse me? Who got felt up and molested by every Tom Dick and—”

“That’s not the point and you know it!”

“She’s our ride dear. Babe, you can’t be mad at the box.” They allowed my hands slide up and down their thighs. “Besides, she likes you. See? Did you get that? Won’t be an annoyance, think Andromeda — oh, liked that one too! — holo-babe.” They appeared unconvinced. Finally out of frustration I blurted, “What part of I belong to you do you not understand? I am helplessly addicted to you and you know it! Now stop acting silly and give me some love!” Sometimes a guy has got to put his foot down. Think they played me. So I hammed it up, kissed them repeatedly. “You are my addiction — my drug of choice — can’t live without — need my fix — need you — love you — pant slobber.”

“You’re terrible!”

“Mm, tell me you love me.”

Next day in a holo-deck, Carson and I stomped and cavorted down the ramp to our entrance music and mixed reaction from the fans. “On the way to the ring, from parts unknown, the team of: the Legend, young master Bates; and the Irresistible Force, the Traveler; it’s Ouch Time!”

To show honor we wiped our feet on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Carson shouted and gestured, I blew a nostril at the front row. He wore a green and black mask with long hair grown over, I wore face paint. We were the Tag-team Champs and official heels. Didn’t matter how we won, as long as we won.

Lights out.

Blue and white fireworks streamed toward stage and ignited a wall of red and gold showers. Cat and Su performed on the Jumbo-tron, and entered below. They marched down the ramp with purpose and acknowledged fans. “From Seattle, Washington, the team of: Cat-man-do and Subabe, A Force of Nature!”
Huge crowd reaction, cheering surged flashing lights. Spotlights moved through the stands, signs and merchandise waved by happy fans.

As Carson and Cat locked-up, I thumbed the music and audio on the holo-screen, and slid a window of us as commentators over. In t-shirts and jackets with head-sets and table monitors, we discussed the match.

“That girl is truly a force to be reckoned with! Look how she maneuvers the Legend into lock-holds and submission moves. If she doesn’t wear him down she’s going for pain.” Carson grinned and licked his lips. “And mighty fine-looking too! Check-out the Catmando action-figure and play-set for your kids, holo-tease for the men in your life, assorted holograms, and Synthetic Replicant for your own one-on-one. All this and more for the ridiculously low price of $9.99.”

On screen I nodded watching my monitor. “And don’t forget Subabe, lots of merchandise too. Check it all out at Stadium Event Wrestling. You can get all our net-streams and sport-casts for the entire year for the incredibly low price of just $9.99.”
I paused it there. “Er, do we have a site like that?”

Carson chuckled. “Not until our first show. Now it’s on a loop with more coming in all the time from outside, lots of viewer participation and links. Not to mention orders for merchandise we hadn’t considered, some kinky but most are cool, like hover boards and rail-boots. Hey, wanna try? We can go this weekend.”

This turned the topic to other things and soon came back to us. Cat and Su remained the topic of discussion. Eena knelt quietly at our feet, quite happy to include herself and welcomed to. She added to Jack and the twins’ tingling joy, and the girls enjoyed her too, thank you very much.

Su explained, “The story goes, a great-grandfather struck a few nuggets and dust in what is now the township of Mapleglen. He had a hunch his was the run-off from the seven big claims around him, so he started a trade and retail shop. That brought a bank and more business. Grandad didn’t want to pan and dig it all, so he opened his land to hobby prospectors for a small fee and offer to buy what they find or make into jewelry. Made all kind of friends and met many famous people of his day. Gave generous and helped open the first school hospital and animal shelter. Helped others get richer than and was happy to do so. Retired fat and happy, lived long after as a pillar of the community but didn’t dabble in politics just the issues. He loved arguing issues, didn’t matter who nor what political bent, he loved to put them on the spot, then decide if he liked them. But history forgets men like that, because like most he didn’t want fame, merely fellowship and mutual respect. 

“That is why the natives loved him too. It was they who guided him to his first claim in run-off remains from before the last eruption when the mountains shifted. The entire Cascade Range is evidence of the bile and dry heaves that accompany a major eruption. Their lore concerning the mountains is vast and impressive. He traded with and learned much, always welcomed them on his land to help farm pick fruit and harvest with the seasons. Our family has close ties with local reservations. That’s how I learned to ride.

“Here’s where it gets interesting. The seven big claims married seven sisters and became one huge family with small armies of local support, who shaped town history. Lady Dru was sole heir to that fortune and gave it to seven nieces. Been all kind of weird happenings in and around town since before it began: A large greenbelt said to be enchanted with fairies and magic; a haunted mine shaft; reappearing outhouse said to take folk away never to return; a kite paper airplane and fly-ball eating tree, seen it myself; and a restaurant lounge and resort where anything goes. They’ve always been there and my however many great grandfather knew it. Don’t think he shared that bit with anyone, as if it waited for me to discover.

“So here we were, living with an enchanted forest and strange surroundings where anything can happen, and along came this guy, moved in and turned our sleepy little community on its heels. Suddenly moms had something new to talk about, a charming little boy who loved homemade goodies. Never mind he was horny, he loved everyone’s baking and treats. Every mom loved him. My favorite treat Mom made was his too. Should have known then, even though we hadn’t met. He was just a bathroom and table topic, whispered by girls discussed by moms and dads, laughed about by almost everyone — his saving grace.

“When he began flirting my brothers teased me and called him queer because he liked boys. But they hadn’t noticed I developed since that tease began and Mom set them straight. Kept them off me for maybe an hour. After dinner they followed to the stable and felt me up. For them it was about ownership, I their little sister, and this guy needed to know his place. When he began hanging around, Papa, too, became concerned, didn’t like his little girl giving herself so openly, despite how my sister was treated. Didn’t make sense to me. I remember how proud of her everyone was, made such a fuss and let folk feel her up. I was ignored until now, nobody thought me pretty, just the nice girl who got good grades and rode horses — big fat zero nothing completely overlooked. Tried to smile, ‘Hi, I’m the more fun second choice,’ but got nothing. This guy noticed openly flirted and felt me up. Now everyone wants to feel me and I see them for who they are. Talk about culture shock. I mean what’s going on? These are people I looked up to guys I used to crush on, now they want what this guy has, and its just a game of pride. I was way confused, but my mom and sis told me to keep cool and decide the men in my life. Problem was, Papa and my brothers were lining ‘em up — literally! My brothers sold tickets to make me cum, Papa haggled dates and possible suitors. Went from nothing to family whore to priceless commodity in 9-months. 

“First time we kissed? He backed me into a corner reached for my crotch and planted one. Wasn’t long before I creamed his leg, and he fingered me to a few more as we held our kiss, his tongue assaulting mine. As I gasp he said, ‘You’re becoming.’ No idea what he meant but felt it so true. What was I becoming? According to him a wet-dream, the ideal eye-candy to be set on a pedestal to worship; Aphrodite, Artemis and the Pleiades, Athena, Hera — though she as MILF. This guy got a kick out of it. Nothing surprised him, thought it all fun. When my brothers confronted him and forced me right there, he just kissed me and said, ‘Do it again.’ Then he taught them the 30-second climax, and omigosh, they’re best friends — this guy is their hero!” She nudged my shoulder.

Cat scratched my leg. “First time for me? Does biting my nose count? Think it was about the same time, he became a lot bolder. There was more girls room chatter and he’d been casually caress and massaging us in the open, so everyone thought us his and he liked that. So did we. Nice to have a hard body when you want, toy to play with, pet to care for.” She slapped my face and kissed. “Being his pet means he’s mine too. We play together.”

Su pulled my face to her and bit my lip. “We are welcome to visit other temples as long as we remember to worship at home. Said that while making us climax on a field trip when he made several girls a teacher and park employee climax too. Quite the headline next day. But didn’t say anything, just smiled and said he had fun. Even when folk try and get him to talk, he just says something nice. Never once bragged nor gloated, just smiled and said things like, ‘Yeah, she’s cute.’ Problem is he be bad with names. If Cat and me aren’t there to whisper in his ear, he’d be lost. Took him a while to get us right. Recognized our moms right off the bat. Good with faces and legs.

“When did I what?” She blushed. “No I didn’t! Really, I — he started hanging around after school. My life is a lot of chores, taking care of three horses is a lot of work. Aside from that I live on a farm ranch, we raise sheep and pork to sell at auction, recently got a small group of Alpaca to herd, raise chickens rabbits a few goats two cats and a dog. I haul feed, sling bedding, toss bails, and slop hogs. Been inside the butcher shop and cleaned and chopped venison, plucked chicken, and skinned rabbit. I love to fish and hunt small game, yet consider myself a friend to all creatures, I only hunt to eat and make use of what those creatures gave. Many of you are city folk, for you fresh is from the market. Our table is meat fruit milk cheese eggs and vegetables from our yard. This is the world he willingly wandered into. Helped me exercise groom and feed, clean stalls and change bedding. When he saw the men-folk working, mending a fence or some, it was like, ‘Say, that looks fun too,’ and there he was offering help. If it was something he didn’t know he wanted Pa to teach him. And he was a good student. But it was decided I was to meet suitors, and he was there to be with me — and Papa decided he liked him a little, at least could consider him a man — but dammit he was hoggin’ him away! Mom put an end to it, reminding everyone whom the boy was here for. After that they had to refuse his help because he always offered. I think that’s when. Home became new and happy again, more loving and expressive. It didn’t matter he openly flirted and felt up me and Mom in front of everyone, or any other female in sight, or wanted to join the guys with their new toy, or record my crotch being felt up; everyone accepted he's mine.”

“Er, what?”

Su flashed a beautiful yet unreadable smile and ruffled my clean spike. “Oh, ye of little reality, do you not see? Mom said if I want you give myself completely. I did you’re mine. That simple.”

“Bet my expression is priceless.”

She touched my nose.

Cat pulled Eena up to give her other hand something to do and answered someone else. “No, Vera — Verity is Candlewick, we’re not sure what our assignment is yet, new to the program like you. You do? Sure, you can feel.”

Su watched guys approach Cat and Eena. “I’m fine, thank you, just need to relax with this guy.” Fingers scratched my codpiece, her hip gyrated barely covered sex, slick shin shone in the light. Tip of her tongue touched her lip. “I can do this, be yours through space and time. We can go anywhere do anything. How great is that? I don’t want to go back home, not yet, though I do miss the mares. It’s been how long since I’ve ridden? Omigosh, holy I dunno, I’m getting horny!”

“Ah, fortunately my dear, I am here to help. I’m the Traveler. This is something I learned from the Orient, a bit of the pleasure arts called hook running fingers technique. Mm yes, I see you like. How about split-four double drill?”

Carson kissed Tazma and Semi. “This is catching numbers! Check the score.”
My eyes sought Cat, found her with a neck and shoulder between, she gave me the go ahead and released my hand. It had been both shield and toy. After a few good climaxes she was ready for the five on her and Eena. Hand free I turned all my attention on Subabe. 

When I noticed our audience, I motioned Semi over, and lightly stroked her almost covered camel toe. “Do you feel beautiful and sexy?”

“Do now!”

“Good. See that guy over there? His name is Carson, nice guy, has a meatcicle or whatever. Give me a kiss and go play with him. And if he doesn’t make you cum at least three times, teach him how. Then come see me.”

Tazma stepped to the recently vacated spot. “Make me feel sexy?”
“The purpose of diplomacy is to prolong the crisis.” __ Spock

To this I add photo-op Congressional Subcommittee Hearings that only point fingers. What a waist of time! And notice how they always result in more hearings, and a political appointment with a dumb-ass name? WTF is a ‘Czar’ doing in the US government?That’s like the guy who said, “Let’s call ourselves ISIS.” Pretty sure he has a new job pushing up daisies. 
Problem with a travel ban is the area in question, once known as the ‘Ivory Coast.’ Deals were made on the Barbary Coast to the north, and cargo picked up from the areas infected. Recall the mission of USS Constellation? These countries were liberated and propped up by the United States since after the Civil War. Recall creation of Liberia? Placing a travel ban has 3 basic flaws:
1) False sense of security
2) Creates another costly bureaucracy 
3) Affected people and world will see us as traitors to our ideals
Concerning a Travel Ban
history must be studied
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Delta Whiskey and Pi: Lilith

Woke up in our barracks room with Cat in one arm Su in the other and Eena curled between my legs, Verity spooned Cat and drooled on my arm. Took a moment to admire each and ponder the star chamber. No matter how I worked it out, that seemed rather bizarre. “Did my babes just get ravaged by Enoch’s Watchers?”

Su stretched and yawned. “There’s a t-shirt.” The one she wore read, The Angels Have The Phone-box. She got up refreshed, a new one draped over, Did My Babes Just Get Ravaged By Enoch’s Watchers? and sipped cider. Her long naked legs begged my hands. She kissed me and smiled with a sparkle in her eye.

I played victim. “You bewitch me every time I gaze upon. What spells have you cast, how many potions have I drank? Why do you captivate me so?”

She melted on me. “Mom explained everything. When you love give yourself completely.”

Call me dense thick ninnyhmmer, went right past me. To my credit I held her dear thinking I could not love her more. Silence sometimes best, we enjoyed the moment. The scent on her breath and taste of cider on her tongue, her gentle passion and complete surrender sent me beyond desire and our passion calmed to tender love.

“Good morning.” Cat tasted her mouth peered us one-eyed and scratched her scalp. Reacted to her taste and burped. “I need a shower. Hawk, bathe me.”

I holo ed a shower wall and stood with her and Su under steaming jets, scrubbed and massaged them awake and toweled them some before refreshing into cute almost nothings for me to grope. Eena included herself so I pampered her too. Cat and Su forgave if I showed her a little more attention. Verity helped bathe Cat and allowed me fondle, but really preferred Cat.

Gunny inspected us at line up and assigned Carson banner bearer due to an incident the other night involving an officer’s daughter. We were warned about girls living on base. They wandered around all the time, flashing teasing and generally annoying our girls. Leave it to Young Master Bates. She had us hump a few stretch and exercise before breakfast.

“So what happened? Did we get manhandled by the Fallen?” Cat spooned more yogurt and cereal. “Maybe it’s the box, but I think I know why Lilith said no. What’s Adam compared to them?”

“Cat!” Su blanched then blushed.

“Ah, see? Ha ha!” Cat pointed accusing, then frowned. “But to have Nephilim meant she was raped because she refused Adam, she’d also refuse them? Omigosh, you might be right, Lilith is the victim.”

Verity worked her jaw muscles through a long breath gazing memories, glanced me and smiled. “You know Lilith?”

Cat spoke first. “Wrote a paper, saga really about the life of Lilith. Raphael and Gabriel decided to create life of similar form. Michael warned against it, knowing what troubles it will bring. But the other two were convinced this would be another to ascend. Again Michael warned, so few have done. But his love for his sister let her have her way. It always did. While Raphael left to gather the finest clays, Gabby prepared a garden where they would live, a beautiful valley of four rivers. As she worked, she collected favorite things, sweet blossoms nectars honey fruit and berries, plucked fur from bunnies and kittens down from chicks and milk from every mother she pulled the finest cream. These she added to a giant model of DNA on a dais, molded stuff together, breathed life into, and called her Lilith. Like her creator, Lilith was sharp-minded and quick to learn as she helped finish the Garden. 

“When Raphael finally returned, he beheld Lilith and dropped the clay into river mud and asked Gabby what and how. Not to be outdone, he gathered clay and a few of his faves frog legs puppy fur lizard tails snail shells, molded breathed life into and called it Adam. Gabby was born from love, Adam, competition. For a time, Raph, played father and brother, explored discovered and explained the world. Gabby taught them to make tools to make picking fruit and nuts easier. Adam tried to eat most everything, saw lions bears tigers crocodiles hunt and liked fish and meat and the taste of blood. Seeing him eat raw carnage repulsed Gabby and Lilith. 

“But use of fire is strictly controlled, it is an elemental that bridges realities. Those who dwelled beyond the Garden did not feel Adam should learn it. So Gabby taught Lilith. Now at least she could get him to eat cooked meat, and taught Lilith to stew smoke and grill. Thing was Lilith could do everything herself, make tools weave baskets and mats collect herbs and berries bring down small game and cook it. Adam liked to bring down something big boast and bask in glory for a week. She did most of the gutting cleaning racking and smoking, he skinned stretched and cured or watched her.

“Lilith saw little ones in the wild and watched mothers care for their young, many without mates to share the duties. She just wasn’t ready for that, later, after she lived for herself a while. Adam was okay fun to be with most of the time, she knew they were meant for each other but . . . he scratched his butt and sniffed his fingers!”

Verity laughed heartily and snorted.

Cat grinned. “I know right? She enjoyed his body and let him enjoy hers but not vaginally, she knew what that meant. So she entertained him orally and anally, got him off whenever he wanted. And for his part, Adam enjoyed making her squeal. But as years rolled by, and Lilith showed no interest in rearing young, Adam began to wonder if they were destined to live and die alone. Raph gave him a desire for legacy yet he saw no way to fulfill. So he did what all men must; waited. And waited. The Garden was large and filled with wonders Lilith had to see explore and experience. If that meant fighting off hyena gater-wresting or lion taming she was all for it for they were her friends and established herself benevolent queen of beasts. She wandered with and without Adam, who enjoyed staying in one spot for a while. When she returned he always had a nice nest prepared. Touched by this, she allowed him pamper and lavish her with gifts, she liked pretty bobbles, but still not interested in raising young. They had not aged and the world was big, plenty for later. Frustrated, Adam grew angry, struck and forced himself on her. Stunned and bewildered, Lilith struggled but remained pinned and impaled. She could only grit her teeth and bear it, blamed herself and felt sorry for the man, and for the first time feared him. When they wrestled he was gentle playful and loving. She saw him get upset and frustrated before, even throw a tantrum but those all made her laugh. This was feral rage and he hit her. Afterword Adam felt filthy, apologized and dashed away to bathe but more to get away from her look of betrayal. She too needed to get away and ran into the night hurt and confused.

“Place of birth beside the Tree of Life was out, first place he’d look. Lilith traveled beyond the Garden far north to a rain forest cave where she could settle and raise her child. She had no time to feel sorry for herself, had to prepare a home and stock supplies. Seasons outside the Garden are brutal. This meant know the land. She had animal friends for this, and soon learned what to eat and what had medicinal qualities. Having a baby meant craving meat bitter fruit tart drink and plenty of sweets. Foraging and hunting she gathered and killed more than needed set aside and hung supplies. Her cave looked like a home with a banked hearth, floor mats baskets and woven blankets of wool cotton and other fibers. With it she made cord to hang meat root and herbs. When her baby came, her owl friend hooted, her wolf and mare stood guard outside, worried now relieved they touched noses gazed in and sighed.

“A baby boy cried and howled, then laughed and squealed, and settled to suckle contented. Exhausted sore overwhelmed by sensation, Lilith adored him and scolded herself for waiting so long. They can explore together. She put it and all else aside and gazed complete adoration on him. He was a happy talkative baby, quick to laugh and find humor, had no fear and like his mother spoke to animals. While naming them she pointed herself and said, Lilith, then pointed him. He smiled and waved both hands. Ablah! She laughed tickled and called him Abel. Little Abel pointed her and said, Mama.

“First year was exhausting and full of laughs, second and third required huge amounts of patience Adam prepared her for. Abel often made her think of him, so much like him in manner and determination. If he got interested in something, he went all in fully absorbed, his fascination a delight to watch. By next spring he was more than ready to explore the world.”

“Let’s go people! Move it move it — get the lead out!” Gunny growled to Cat’s audience, “I know, but we gotta go. Continue later. I wanna hear.”

At the range M had more in store for us. “Urban combat zone with civilian combatants and innocent bystanders; bad guys are uniformed black head-dress; your task, blend and take out the bad guys using close quarter combat skills; be quick and silent.”
Like walking onto a set, creatures of every kind in all manner of dress, some humanoid and hot others not so. Many of the guys were naked waist down semi-erect and gooey. So were femme, slutty xeno-babes who pawed in passing. Gunny identified a group of aliens in black helmet hats with rifles. They stood at an outdoor bar watching a table of young xeno-babes. She signaled and the girls fanned out broke into chatting groups and flounced to tables all aflutter. While most entertained the locals, Gunny and others including Verity and my babes lured the bad guys to a door on the wall closed it behind and came out a few seconds later sans bad guys. No muss no fuss.

Su took my wrist and stroked her leg with my hand. “That was fun!”

Hands pincers tentacles and claws pulled her away. Cat gone too. 

Me and the guys traded looks.

“Any ideas?”

Slinger growled, “Can’t use the same, they’ll be expecting it. How do we make ‘em not see us coming?”

I held up my hand, focused on gunny and my babes. “Wait, look and see. The ladies might gain the upper hand. Spread out and stand ready.”

Humanoid and not so they all had fair sized schlongs for our ladies admire, and forced to notice without even a hello. Digits in rectums were replaced by these and pushed far inside. Gunny and the girls endured and glanced around. We made eye contact and agreed to find a way. Cat looked me not to rush. Su looked me and climaxed. Verity and Eena were faced the other way asses up faces down. Call me voyeur pervert whatever, I took a moment to admire, noted holo-cams and thought how I might direct. This was good stuff, live-action manga, babes brutally defiled by aliens.

Turning point was when we noticed they tended to climax together, weak during changeover. That’s when we struck. Like dragons spewing Hell, we hosed them down and extracted girls, continued with secondary grenades and holo-incendiary bombs. M answered with a swarm of horny insects. Guys including yours truly got pierced. Thank goodness Su was close enough to kiss. Closed my eyes and got lost in her, until we got pulled apart and her filled with someone else. Fortunately me and the guys got discarded so we put our heads together again. Got stunned and assailed by sexy xeno-babes. Score another for M.

At lunch Cat showed off her ability to holo the story. “Together they traveled mother and son with animal friends, to the wide ocean where the Great Cliff began, turned east and journeyed to the crest of a giant forest plain, black trees frosted red murky haze and a dark tower, turned south to the edge of a desert waste, circled back and followed the cliff where it towered miles above lost in cloud. Here they came upon an ancient race of odd yet beautiful tree dwellers who lived in harmony with nature. Impressive as animal friends they were taken in and the boy taught many wonders of nature and the supernatural. But these were a strange people who slept long in cocoon pods. Lilith was treated well and often playful. For a time she and Abel stayed near, never more than a few days ride. Abel enjoyed riding a temperamental lion who adored him, much to the amaze of the ancients. They watched him grow and become in some ways more than equal in talent and mind. In him they saw two futures and wondered. And so Abel grew to manhood. His differences and hers became an item of interest, something she wished but he would not let go. It was time.

“The years had not been kind to Adam, his mustache and beard once kept neat now long and scruffy his hair wild. The first was his fault hands down. The second, what happened? He went to the Tree and asked for help, waited as told, but finally asked for a new one, instructed what he wanted as she came to be, this one was supposed to be everything he could want. What went wrong? She snorted a few times?

“Gabby had to be talked into doing it. She was still mad at him and felt he deserved isolation, but gave in when brother Samael asked. Michael shook his head. She told them what to collect, but being guys and overjoyed with hurry, collected not the prettiest best smelling but any blossom at hand, instead of fur puppy and kitten whiskers, rather than the finest honey and royal jam, whatever they found. Gabby too was not in the right mind, Lilith with love this one resent and spite. And so Aswan came to be, fair-haired less independent yet capable and just as stubborn with the highest standards; his bobbles better shine. Those pearl-thingies are nice and shells with pretty insides. She made many demands most of all his time. All those years of solitude, he forgot how much space Lilith gave him. Aswan did not let him out of her sight, demanded his attention craving his body. She never thought to cook or help out, preferring her big strong hero to provide her needs. It took a while but he found if he taught her praised and corrected, she did to please. Just as able, she could do anything the original could, just needed a push to do it. But she never did without being asked. He began missing Lilith more each day, until Aswan showed pregers and drove Lilith from mind. Finally he was going to be a father! When she came out girl he fell in love and covered both in adoration. Two more followed and he adored them too. Each had her own character, the first bright and helpful, the second quiet and brooding, third happy and playful. Then came a son, loud feisty solid baby with a strong grip. Aswan called him Cain and adored him beyond all else. More girls followed and Adam, busy with many demands enjoyed providing for his family. Having only step outside to pick breakfast toss a net for lunch and dinner, the rest of his day was entertain kids. And playing was his thing. Play, laughter, rich flowing hair, distant images of long ago. Then she returned with a young man. Daughters greeted them with delight. Lilith looked much the same if not more radiant and divine. Aswan remained young and beautiful but Lilith shone. 

“Aswan did not like her on sight. This is the one she’d been compared and not even measured. From the beginning she knew her status as replacement and desperately wanted to please him but never knew how. He was moody and prone to complain. When he took time to teach, she focused hard because he had little patience but got angry when she did better or grunt and say he saw better. She was never good enough. But when she gave him children he became a new man, happy and proud of her and his family, the family she gave him. Now that shadow from the past returned with a son and possessing powers far beyond hers. How did she come by and can I? What are these animals doing in my house? Is that a lion and wolf?

“But Lilith saw a sister in Aswan and praised her for giving Adam a family, and apologized for denying him that joy. Then she took Aswan aside to visit and share. Soon the two cackled like school girls glance at Adam and laugh. When it was Aswan and his daughters everything was fine, now he felt helplessly outnumbered. So he did what any man, take his sons and learn them the world. Thing was Abel knew more.

“Cain did not like that. He enjoyed being the only boy, now his sisters even the ones dearest fawned the new guy. Older brother? Son of my father and that woman? Okay, she can stay but the guy has got to go. Dude knows a lot, seen a lot too. Took a while but he finally warmed to Abel, at least as a friend. When he got bigger, Cain enjoyed wrestling Abel and testing strength and accuracy.

“Aswan learned all she could. Now that she had a patient instructor she blossomed as a person to become confident and self assured. More than her beauty, she now knew she could do anything. She wanted to learn more, and asked to meet the ancients. Lilith saw no harm and thought it good. Perhaps they could all go.

“Adam declined, much needed be done before winter, though mild the season provided fewer choices and new ones not always tasty. In truth he was afraid of meeting them. Raph and Gabby, so grand and noble were kind beyond measure but he had no desire to meet others, like a child in a room of adults he did not belong. They gave him the Garden and he was happy. To journey beyond felt wrong. He peered his sons and nodded, that was for them. So he told Cain he could go if he chose. The Garden was given me, the rest is yours to explore. My daughters get my estate anyway. If you stay you answer to them. Every man’s curse. I name you woman, woe to man. And I love them so. I have grown much over the seasons and cycles of the sky. Lilith can show you more than I care to know. I am happy here in the Garden. Three daughters and the toddler remained with him as the rest bid fare well until next fall or spring. They will send word on wing or hoof.

“Journeys through the Garden were nothing new, but when they reached the edge and looked out at the less colorful world beyond, they hesitated but felt reassured when Lilith and Abel described wonders they’d seen. Onward they went with horse wolf lion and owl. None bothered them with wolf and lion on patrol, and they had bags draped over horse with many pockets some for snacks collected along the way. They learned much in tracking hunting and fishing, what plants were tasty and useful for stomach-pain cramps and bark for aches, how to carry embers and spark fire, most of all how to bathe without water using leaves oil and a scraper. Though never far from river or stream, this knowledge was treasured.

“Beyond rolling hills they glimpsed a wide plain with a ribbon forest following a winding river, and far in the distance a dense forest of green and gold nestled at the foot of a misty waterfall from high above. Crag upon crag, chipped stone columns and strange lava sculpted formations clashed and flowed as the the Great Cliff and ascended into cloud. But the golden forest splotched with living green appeared tranquil and homelike more enchanted than the Garden.

“And so they were met by ancients along the river, all varied and wonderful. Tiny winged folk and small ground dwellers with big noses liked the river banks but did not swim, finned silver-eyed kids splashed and tossed fish. Further in where it widened and deepened with a river lake, they met gentle large furry man-beasts and short colorful people with sharp eyes and furry feet. All welcomed them and shared their world of good will natural magic and love for all living things. Two daughters fell in love with this place and promised to return. Under a canopy of leaves and rainbow mist of the falls into a wide shallow pond, they met the tree dwellers. Who welcomed their return and greeted their visitors from the Garden Project with much ado. This is the Orchard, home to our kind. We dwell both here and above. When we are awake above we sleep in pods down here. Do you like honey with your tea?

“Aswan learned all she could, often trading her beauty for more, seduction her weapon of choice. Some worried she learned beyond her wisdom and began to school her instead. She didn’t want that. She wanted to learn everything and hadn’t time to be schooled, show me and let’s go. More give me more! So they turned her attention to music dance and sensual arts. This she enjoyed but began to resent not learning more mystic and magic. She wondered about the folk in the dark tower, they might teach her.

“Owl often flew back and forth with messages, though Adam had problems understanding more than having fun miss you. He had plenty to do with a toddler three daughters and river of fish. Now that he could spark fire, smoked fish became a staple, chawed jerky as he tossed his net, then chased the girls with his breath. They picked much mint parsley and water cress.”

“Alright people, let’s move. Continue at dinner?”
Cat kissed me as we rose. “Did you see my numbers? Omigosh, it’s really your story, you wrote it!”
I shrugged. “Happy to help, just put my name in the credits and kiss me.”


Afterword I turned to Su and puckered. “Kiss? T’ank you. Mm, you ladies taste good! Why do I bother with others?”

“Why indeed?”


The abuse was quick and painful, their blush worth it.

Meatheads had us hip-toss and roll-over pin with a kick-out, worked in rope-work and basic shoulder-slam and roll-over take downs, lock-up and a few grapple moves. Then we paired up and worked a ring. Sparring the girls was great in costume, put them in classic slashed and tattered rag unitard, nothing really covered stockings and boots. Cat Su and Verity did well too, but showed off their amity to appear-ate, technically legal. Eena had fun but didn’t quite get it, didn’t sell pain. Carson and me were on the same page, played off each other, sold the pain, built momentum and turned the tide using just those basic moves. Selling exhaustion after trading momentum, he finished me off with a Rock Bottom/Book End and got the pin. That got the others to perform as entertainers.

At dinner, Cat, holo ed ate and spoke. “A season became two and they began their return when frost began to ease and fog burned early. They took their time, in no hurry and free to explore. Lilith and Abel led them to a village of root-dwellers who did not welcome them shared little and wished them on their way, liking how things have always been and did not like change, visitors from outside were change — entire days had to be adjusted, far too much trouble. They reminded of Adam and his closed ideas about the world, if it didn’t concern the Garden, it didn’t concern him.

“Two daughters said goodbye at the river-lake having homes with new friends  and new lives to pursue. Aswan kissed them and made promise to visit. 

“Cain too felt tremendous loss, both dear to him. He was not comfortable with his sisters and these creatures did not seem proper, too different not right wrong just plain wrong. He spent more time with the remaining sisters and jealously hoarded their attention. Then there was Abel’s friendly easy-going contagiously fun attitude, ability to create music, beast talk, move like a cat, and gentle fond expressions made him most desired and adored. Without trying he continually caused sensation and made the girls all aflutter. Sometimes just smile what? Sick pervert!

“When they re-entered the Garden, its tranquil serenity washed over all and old resents put aside, here life was to be enjoyed. Why did we ever leave? Wolf and lion pranced and played with Cain in the grass, horse grazed at her leisure tail wagged contented, as the girls sampled leaves twigs flowers and seeds. The party scattered, being home the girls knew every hollow and ridge and the best way home. This gave Aswan time to question Lilith more about the Black Forest.

“Upon arrival they found Adam worried with the child. The girls went out some time ago to collect salad leaves but never returned. He tracked them to the edge of the Garden but dared go no further with the little one. Though also her child, Aswan had to find the others. Adam was trained by, Gabby, at home in the wild fearless and friend to all. Trained him on insects, if he can hunt them he can hunt anything. Only person more at home in nature was Lilith. They and Abel set out to track. Cain was torn to go or stay with Aswan. She and sisters won. 

“Despite his skill, Adam lost the trail not far beyond the Garden. Lilith and Abel picked it up and followed it north to a great saltwater, where it ended. If there was another shore it was beyond their sight, though islands dotted the water. Could they be on one of them? Who lives out there? Lilith and Abel used what they learned and fashioned timber into a sturdy ship, quickly hovered split cut notched placed and sealed in mere minutes. Removed from the comforts of the Garden, it took a few days to gather and prepare for voyage, made much easier by their use of magic. After many islands and shore endings, they found many tracks but no trace of the girls. Disheartened with double-loss from failure, they returned home.

“And found Aswan and all the girls old enough expecting. Cain shrugged so Aswan explained the ancients along the river. More daughters were born and in the years to follow still more. Abel enjoyed shepherding his flock of sheep for milk and wool and picked one every so often to enjoy, thankful for their nourishment. He helped raise the new ones and played them to nap under trees in sight of his flock. Cain liked to work the land, shape and make it yield its riches. For him growing grain was to harness the sun and wield its power. He loved knowing their bread came from his control of the life giver — should I stop or keep going?”
We got up and began walking, hologram too. “Everyone helped build and expand. The simple cave-hut and garden became a village complex patrolled by wolf and lion. Many girls had animal friends, the few who didn’t wrinkled their noses and studied reflections. Lilith too gave Adam daughters, exotic beauties with keen mind and bodies that grew to match their mother.

“Aswan enjoyed practicing what she learned and spoke with birds and beasts to learn more. Though she was merely one of many magi, hers was of a darker sort meant for gain or mean pranks. Yet to Adam she always yielded and waited his gentle scolding, to give herself and cast love on him her greatest joy.

“Having all these spell casters and enchanters unsettling at best, Adam, was not sure he liked his children so endowed. It took decades for him to master basic skills and he turned down most, preferring his own hands and gauge accordingly. Magic was lazy.

“Cain complained he need walk so far and was given use any horse. He complained not having one, and so one was given. It ran away. He complained again, this time he was given one at birth and told to assist hold and allow the mother, stay near and touch often, hold and stroke. Then he laughed and complained how much it ate drank and pooped. And though everyone loved the bread he provided, still laughed when he carted horse sheep goat and rabbit dung to his fields. The worst was chicken duck and goose shit sloshing around. And though they helped, his sisters would rather not. Praised his discovery and excellent bread. Good bread. 

“Lilith took parties out to watch and explore, Adam to hunt and fish. Basically the family broke into 3 camps, Adam Lilith and Abel. Didn’t like that. Not at all. First they come and upset things, then take us on that ridiculous trip — learned a lot but lost two sisters! — then she has daughters who don’t know I exist, and now they all laugh — even Aswan — when I’m covered in piss and shit. Why do I have to be on Adam’s team? Why don’t I have one? Why do I always get piss and shit? — There’s a t-shirt! — just saying.

“So when everyone was off doing whatever, shepherd explore fish, Abel helped Cain on a challenge to clear a field faster. The heat sweltered, sweat poured, and they panted through the day, neither giving in. Before exhaustion took him, before admitting him better, Cain, unleashed years of pent anger and resentment now blind feral rage — and blacked out. When he came to there stood Raph, in search of Abel. And when he confronted his father, Adam wept and revealed how he loved Abel and cursed himself for not seeing him grow. And so draped in shame, Cain went into exile and walked out into the wastes.

“A hole in her life, Lilith decided it time to journey far away to places unknown. Eager to travel, anything to take their minds off it, Aswan and others wished to join. Adam felt the air would do many good and he could use the quiet. Some remained to be with him and the part soon departed. They made a good pace north and stepped beyond the border in three days. Lilith had in mind a destination but did not share, instead pushing adventure to the unknown. They skirted the shore east and curved north after many miles of broken freshwater inlets and islands where waters mingled. In the distance haze rose from the sea like a fog bank, columned and mushroomed high above, silent and eerie. Flocks of birds flew away as light flashed silent within, accented with looming shapes and moving shadows.

“North they traveled, the further so the more distant from home they felt. Crows took to Aswan and taught strange new verses. Spoken in such manner, wickedly funny things occurred, snares and accidents. They followed a river from wetland marsh to grassy plain and mixed orchards of trees and vines. Here animals ventured unafraid to meet them and nibble offerings. A forest of dense growth ended abruptly to fallen waste mostly burnt. They had to step careful just to find a way around, snares and bramble burnt or almost alive snatched at ankles. Creatures became strange in appearance and behavior. A wooly rhino charged and had to be fought off, cute furry creatures allowed them pet and cuddle, then turned and raped them. Wolf and lion became more agitated and horse near panic, they tried to release and send home but would not leave Lilith. And so by love stepped into shadow and the dark realm of the Black Forest.

“Aswan felt instantly at home with the horny and persuasive bird-like serpent-people, and delighted they were more than happy to teach at her speed. Serpent Lord Semyaza, took her under his leather wing and instructed her to harness control and focus her powers, and had his 20 leaders 200 followers and others teach as well. 

“Lilith allowed play but often fended off vaginal advances. She knew the others suffered too. Some people just can’t accept no. Some of the girls enjoyed it and hung on to these serpent-like bat-people, got passed around, and soon showed pregers. She, her core team of daughters and a couple of Aswan’s used the Lair as base for missions into the forest to observe the tower, where she believed the 3 daughters to be. Wolf and lion kept her party and horse safe. Not liking the Lair dwellers, they wandered about while horse remained nervous.

“Loss of her son made finding these girls more urgent. She simply could not understand Aswan, it appeared magic more important. Well, to be fair she lost her son too. But then why the lack of care for lost daughters? Lilith felt mixed about everything and focused on her mission. Semyaza led an impressive army, but nothing like the formations gathering on the plain below, under the shadow of the dark spire and its prison fortress factory and armory. Legions poured in from distant lands, warriors of many ilk proud and fierce, carried blades of steel and light. Airships hovered and landed to belch more. There came ape-like ogres, orcs and goblins of varied races, giants too of many ilk, 9-12-ft with large heads on thick necks, 18-24-ft slim, 36-48-ft long haired muscular brutes and mean-looking babes. Smoke rose from stacks, hammers beat metal, steam hissed and whistled, cogs knocked gears rolled whips cracks slaves whimpered. Slave creatures from . . . they were all outlanders. She and the girls worked their way around to view different angles. Too many camps between they had no way to get closer.

“No, the years had not been kind. No word ever returned, no owl nor raven came. Nobody returned. He had his daughters, they could entertain but not give him a son. Lilith and Aswan were gone. He never considered such loss, felt the failure in every way. Try as would to entertain them, the girls watched him suffer. They too felt the emptiness of the once bustling estate. Adam went to Tree and asked what to do. No answer came and he felt more abandoned. He curled at its base and wept. Raph, found him and took pity, yet could not do what, Gabby, he did not have her skill, but he could clone a woman. And so, Eve, came to be. She completed him and meant for but so far from, Lilith and Aswan, he had to completely throw out everything he thought he knew and start over, this time determined to do things right.

“After learning their story, Eve, felt part of a great sisterhood but knew herself nowhere near their ability, as Adam. She possessed neither ability nor potential, that part of her brain turned off, very much human, Gabby allowed no copies, cha-ching!”
Verity cackled and slapped Cat’s thigh.

“I added that. Her children that followed were less great as those from Aswan and nothing compared to Abel. But they were his. Eve gave him sons and daughters. After 5 she asked take a break, entertained him a whole year, then had 7 more over the next ten. In another decade they became grandparents. Another settlement was built up river on the other fork to separate there water. Adam didn’t want their waste.

“And so Cain found them when he stumbled in from the north. ‘O, father I have seen such horrors! Please forgive long enough and hear me, for I have much to say. I wandered the wilderness for days beyond count, lost in misery for rashness and loss of my brother — Father, I did love him! I met outlanders who called it Nod. They offered me food drink and blue-skinned beauties with 4-arms. They let me travel with and I saw many wonders: flying chariots that belch fire and smoke, warriors with lances of thunder and smoke, magi who can make things fly disappear and reappear, and dancers — O, the dancers! Mighty fortresses and floating cities stone temples and giants of many shapes and sizes. Father, its a zoo out there, creatures of all sort to talk to! And I was given a task to find my mother and help her need. She was in the Black Forest far north. I journeyed alone into the wild again, this time with purpose. Dark shapes moved around watching from shadows and sounds of crunched leaves could not dissuade, Aswan needed me. Serpents who knew her met me and took me to their leader Semyaza. She and her party were captives in the tower. Recently a new power emerged there, a dark queen of shadows. Whispers of, Lady Mara, I heard in hidden forest villages of other magic folk. Legends of a Serpent King and Dragon Lord dwelling in the tower, wanting to rule Lower Earth are ancient. Heard them in my travels. Sem himself took me by secret ways to get past the armies being assembled — for what I had no idea. We entered the fortress through a culvert, through a chamber of sleeping crocodiles, into a passage under the tower proper. Some industry of war, things I did not understand, slaves working and laboring for ends I cannot see. Semyaza pointed and took station. I went to the cell and found her huddled in the corner naked and abused. She did not know me, just gazed desperation fondled stroked and sucked. I tried to stop her and get her focused, Father, this is Aswan, I was helpless. So after, I held her up and got her to see me. She smiled and said she knew I’d find her. I asked about the others and discovered all were fuck toys especially Lilith. Even pregers they received constant attention daily, stopping long enough to give birth. These children are great and powerful. Some grow to be giant men and women, some with strange powers, others . . . Father they are breeding new races! Aswan said I now have many more brothers and sisters nieces and nephews, most she did not know.’

“Adam held up a hand. ‘Did you free them? Are they coming?’

“Cain motioned calm. ‘Please, allow me continue. She led us through the dungeon passages, avoided guards and passing patrols, to a large air-shaft. We entered and crawled to a screen and looked on irk and goblin raping my sisters. She held me back, I wanted to do harm! But she was right: there were too many; I’d only get killed she and Semyaza captured. In another chamber, Lilith, hung arms out secured to a hanging pole, 2 or 3 occupy her day and night. Aswan showed me what she and others had been able to discover over the years. It wasn’t much but a start. We also had an army of 200. First things first, rescue her. Escape was not easy, patrols and guards changed and the crocs woke up. We managed with Aswan’s beast-mastery, moat too. Back at the Lair, Sem, explained the Dark Tower was creating new races to rule the world. Saw the same before, not as creepy but factory production of races at the Indus project, Blossom in the east, Midgard further north, a small outfit in Nod, something called Vision Quest across the salt waters, Father, we are the Garden project.’

“Adam thought of the Tree Raph and Gabby. ‘Tree of Life and we are its fruit. Now I understand. So, they are not gods.’

“Eve cautioned him. ‘They never claimed to be. We must not fault without understanding. It is not ours to judge, but what you describe is wrong, even more we know why!’

“Adam regarded her. ‘Your double-speak well taken.’

“But Cain had more. ‘Knowing my sisters were alive was enough. I began to survey and map the area around the keep, and penetrate the castle to get the lay and schedule. Sem and his people were of great help, assisted me in everything. Their kind once served the tower, but been overlooked for many seasons. He liked it that way, being forgot and misplaced had advantages. Aswan and I nursed each other to health and she grew more beautiful than I remembered. We entertained often. She began to venture with me and together freed sister Aesha. But as we prepared to escape, they laughed and pointed my stunned look. All my sisters joined, everyone laughing even Aswan? It was all a joke. Aswan revealed herself, Mara, Queen of the Dark Tower.

“Overcome they were all fine, I embraced them all one by one and received love in return. And so I became prince and consort, declared great among men and xeno-dudes. I am given nectar and smoke to open and clear my third eye. Two scenes: one is a land wasted and dead, the other rich and green with flying chariots green covered buildings and crystal spires. Aswan and my sisters enjoy pain and torture. What they endure is nothing less than their slaves. What they were doing was preparing for a war. Giants from the Upper World threaten to take over, as well as forces from other projects. But to build races in this manner? They thought it fun. Never understood them, women. We were together and I was happy. Ah, then came the reveal. I thought her the matriarch queen magi but there was a king. The shadow behind the throne moved in all corners of his realm, had eyes and ears everywhere and remained unknown until the Dragon Lord exposed himself, Semyaza. No more the forest dwelling leader, he stood on hoofed feet balanced on a long thick tail and extended massive wings. I am your Lord. Yeah, heard that one before. O, father truly I say unto you, I escaped as you see me and travelled far. Help me free them! They are not themselves, possessed by alien beings and Lilith suffers!’

“That did it. Eve marshaled her family. My sisters suffer! Adam had no say in the matter no choice and welcome to join. She went to the Tree and asked for guidance. And so proved herself to Gabby. Who appeared dressed in armor disguised as, Azazel, mighty warrior and champion of Eden, gave them weapons and trained them in warfare. Adam the hunter and Cain the brute understood and soaked it all in, unaware Eve and the girls did more. Azazel led this platoon of warriors to the Orchard and pleaded their case. The sisters who remained here had large families. Alliances were made and word sent on hoof and wing. The Dark Lord has risen again, this time with a queen.

“Nephilim were many and not all of them bad. Some were heroes who came hearing their kin in need. Though they were all from Aswan, Lilith, was legend long before her. Others came in armies carts and singly, all knew or heard parents speak of her and Abel. And so a collection of races magic and not so assembled in the Orchard and swelled into the plain. Archers from Waxwood Forest and distant Meridian arrived with bows crossbows RPGs and blasters.

“Azazel cautioned their number yet small compared to the might of the army gathering in the Black Forest. Semyaza and his queen conquered much and pulled nine nations under influence of rings worn upon their brows. Now these leaders thought more of wealth and power over others than simple pleasures and the well being of their people. They destroyed nature and built because they could, without considering consequence. When they ran out they conquered someone who had, never thinking to replenish, just pick up and move, make the world a desert, enslave and torture for fun.

“For Azazel this was personal, Lilith was hers — his. Gabby wanted her free. So she led a small party girls, daughters of Lilith Aswan and Eve into the narrow canals and gullies, past camps and companies bivouacked on the plain, and into the Keep.”

“Sorry, gotta end it there.” Gunny stretched. “Lights out in ten.”
5. Lilith
I'm not sayin' nothin'!
I have concluded adults are crazy because they survived childhood -- dealing with adults!


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