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My prayers and heart to Selena Gomez
Comet hurtles between Earth and moon. Massive tail engulfed the world, rained microbes on the unsuspecting creatures below. Plant and tree change and growth spurt. Animals and birds begin mutation into Dino-like creatures. Zoo escapes and animal attacks everywhere around the world. Children and old change first. Those still unaffected are mostly et.

Bio-chemist Moncera “Princess” Drake
“Named where my folks met. People think it means my princess. Never happened. Learned to read and math while others my age learned how to get along with other kids. Went to school and tested three grades up. College by fifteen. Never considered myself smarter, just started earlier. Drawbacks complete social retard, but I like it outside. Fringe is where it’s at.”
T-shirt saying: Fringe is where it’s at”
Civilian contractor sent with Walter Reid Hazmat investigation team, led by 

LtCol Xaviar MacIsle 
Always by the numbers, methodical yet quick to take short cuts when needed, open to ideas excellent collaborator and knew the right people in the chain of command. 

Hazmat team - collection of dysfunctional eggheads.

Spec Ops capture squad - collection of gung-ho heroic expendables.

Greenbriar bunker government survivors (take your pick and have fun) in communication with Walter Reid and team.

Walter Reid egghead team - idealogical purists argue morality, military who argue WMDs, and bunker lovers who think wait it out find an immunity and reclaim the surrounding area.

Team encounter creatures and infected people in advancing stages of rabid-like and vamped behavior. Skin changed to hide and hair to long quills, faces become dino. A toe and finger grow with thick sharp claw.

“Reptilians, everyone is turning reptilian!”

Slash and gore, blood and guts with cartoon graphic novel effects.

Team and Spec Ops capture squad bring specimen samples to their mobile-labs to seek a cure. First batch results inconclusive.

Second outing they move out in two teams. Find a girl unaffected. Find a boy.

Race back to base chased by crazed half-mutants who drive and ride mad animal and bird mutations. Loss of trailers and vehicles, heroes escape crawl over one and leap to another as theirs is overrun. ( More comic book gore and lens splatter )

Arrive to base and find it inhabited by mutants in suits and jackets. Spec Ops team mutated as well.

Roll credits
This guy looked like any left-over from the 60s. “Oh yeah, its all about City Council. There be developers, each own parts of the city. One went long in 06 and 07, got hit in 08, nearly lost in 09. But the banks got straightened out and he was able to secure enough and buy time to get that complex with CVS going. Now he had money coming in and was able to combine and add to his loan. Got other projects going and started winning popular support. Well, that got others worried, particularly fellow slum lords. Happens all the time since Watts, use riots to take down your competition. See those three blocks? Go ahead and trash them. That complex with the CVS and the new old-folk center — yeah, take ‘em down. Saw it in Seattle, Chicago, Jersey Boardwalk, pick any you know of.” Took a long pull of beer and drank half the bottle. Held up a finger to wait and worked up a long belch. “Yep, being a government riot organizer is the life! Doesn’t pay much but travel expenses and 2-meals a day covered plus allowance for beer and hookers, guaranteed vacation time, hazard pay during operations, target bonuses — some pay extra, medical and dental with full coverage for family, guaranteed retirement. When I’m not on a job I’m married with two kids in a Rambler and half acre out in the suburbs. Get called to look at cities and consult more these days. Thats fine, rioting a kid’s game.”

We watched Lebron score and got into the game.

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Second Day

Got detention for wearing my cod-piece, or taking off when asked. Met Lynda on the way and enjoyed for the next 90 minutes.

Introduced me to her friends Becca and Xana, two hotties who like to play. Went to an under-age club and partied to cameras. Kids didn’t care if they were being watched recorded and sold oversea, to meet interested parties later in life. After what I been through, being watched was expected.

Lost everything and owed a ton in fines and fees with interest. Fortunately we saved most of what the girls made and what helped local businesses and charities. In the end I got my computer and restricted pic site, they watch and seize anything deemed inappropriate, which was most everything I uploaded. No more legs and booty allowed. Snatch them away soon after I post. Can’t help thinking somebody making money. In that case, why not allow me continue and tax traffic? Mo money for them, good for the economy. Nope, seize control and fuck up. Same people who ran a whorehouse into the ground.

Fine they want me entertain I will. Danced with each and felt them up with fierce conviction to matching relentless pounding beat. Quickly became the center of attention and they loved it. Growled and bucked with and on me to cheers and chants. Becca allowed her skirt rolled up, Xana’s dress hiked to her waist, Lynda unwrapped in sexy dance wear. Practiced virgin love and made out to an enthused audience.

Long 3-transfer bus ride home.
New Day New School

First day got detention for wearing my vest and utility-belt. Made me pull everything out, bottles of oil and mouthwash, baby-wipes, spare underwear, and such. Should have left the vibrator home. Security police a suit and nice legs questioned me through two classes and lunch. Not sure I cared for this crowd.

Until I met Lynda. Back in Maple Glen she would rate well, open expressive friendly and playful. Dressed sharp in pleated skirt and starched blouse. Met going in and sat together. 

Teacher came in and let us remain on the couch as he took roll, then seemed forget he saw us. We sat close and she let me casually stroke her leg without anyone notice. I got bolder and pulled her legs open. Dude looked right at us but did nothing. Put my hand on her knee doodled on my pad and read History for the next hour.

Afterward we walked to the coffee cart and sat under a tree. Lynda posed and spun, allowing me make show of ogle and woo. Accepted light caresses along thigh hip and waist back elbow and rib, her body mine to explore. She seemed know what I like and how I think, even anticipated me. Knew as soon as we saw, I wanted a taco. We shared an order of two and chips instead of the drink. Her bus-stop was on the other side of campus than mine, but didn’t matter, mine stopped every half-hour. Had time to kill, sat in the corner necking.

When along came a trio of trolls in hoodies. As they pushed me around, I got to know strength and physical ability each. None impressed me. First one got a chop to his eye and elbow in his throat; knuckles up the nose and hammer blow to the next; and the classic kick to groin and knee smash to face for the last. Enough to make them think twice next time.

Lynda thought me cool.

Held my gushing nose, not feeling cool. Got clocked twice. Stars and birdies.

Ancestral cultures call it 3rd-eye, sight and sensory through ambient energy. Always been there helping and guiding. Why I never quite take life serious, nothing makes sense. Make a big deal about how I dress, allow me grope a girl in class and on campus. Spidey Senses alert, couldn’t help feel watched. Then it came to me. My files, the special program and classes, faculty changes and class reassignments, girls I met… This a continuation.

Manhandled her to multiple climax and called it good.

Campus Security. Who? Overweight doughnuts in uniform come and try to wrestle me to the ground, but end up there instead.
Resisting Officers. What? Handcuffs and a cheap shot to my face. And knee to my side. That one hurt!

Campus Station Booking and Incarceration, chipped block letters on frosted glass, bad movie set. Attractive ladies and a cute babe. Several serious looking suits with droopy eyes and angry pouts. Easy one, focus on the babes. Got a smile before someone elbowed from behind. That one hurt too.

Gave me takeout.

Mom arranged to pick me up on her way home from work.

They let me sit in the bullpen and help the ladies. Knew about the cameras, but that just made more fun! They knew who watched and wanted tease. Most were regulars on my former website. Go figure. Ladies in uniform… Woof!

“Hawk Allen! The Virgin Lover?”

Officers’ Lounge, open yet cozy, big flatscreen with stereo, plush chairs and couches, kitchen and dinning area.

Campus Security orgy. Good to be me.

Not sure how tomorrow will go, but when Mom picked me up near midnight, I looked forward to it.
My prayers and heart to Selena Gomez


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Born to create. Love ladies, life and dogs. Enjoy simple pleasures: good food, the good Earth; friends and family.

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